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Hump Day Hook ~ More from Summer’s End #HDH #menage

Coming to Extasy Books April 15! Here’s another teaser to tempt you from Summer’s End, Book Eleven in our Swinging Games series.


The best summer ever has to end sometime. Jen and Brett Andrews have reveled in their erotic threesome with summer housemate Sarah Creston—but it’s August, and she’ll have to leave.

How do they react? For starters, they branch out to a new sizzling encounter with a Latino couple who’ve been flirting with them on the lifestyle website. Adding is so much better than subtraction.

Sarah wastes no time, either. Worried about Ryan after his heart attack, she arranges a private threesome with him and Donna to ease him back into the play scene, then makes her own moves to line up possible future playmates.

As a finale, Jen and Brett stage a house party to die for.


Thursday morning, Sarah sat at the Andrews’ kitchen table trying not to fidget. She glanced at Brett and Jen sipping their after breakfast coffee and winced. They’d had such lovely playtimes during the last few days and nights—she hoped what she was about to say wouldn’t spoil everything. But she’d made her decision. She had to do this her way. She hoped her hosts would understand, especially Jen.

“You look quite pensive this morning,” Jen said, peering over the rim of her coffee cup. “Did we overdo it last night?”

Sarah shook her head.

Jen grinned. “We did have you bent in a pretzel toward the end. You’ve become quite fond of double penetration.” She paused briefly. “Maybe this afternoon or tonight, you and Brett can do that, with me as the beneficiary.”

Brett cleared his throat, interrupting his wife’s chatter. “So what’s bothering you, Sarah? You’re not usually this quiet. Is it about having to go back home in a few days, or is it more than that?”

Sarah heaved a sigh. “More. I’m worried about Ryan.”

“What?” Jen asked. “I thought he was fine. I just called Donna while I was making breakfast. It sounded like Ryan has made a full recovery. Donna was joking about the party and how much Ryan is looking forward to it.” Jen winked. “And to finally having some time with you.”

“That’s just it. I don’t want to overdo it with him. He’s just recovered from surgery. What if…”

“Oh, my.” Jen covered her mouth. “I never thought about that. He has his doctor’s approval to resume sexual activities, and Donna let me know they tested things out last night. He’s good to go.”

“But…I need to be sure.” Sarah felt herself flush. “I don’t want him to get overly excited and over exerted. He’s been so looking forward to doing me all summer long. I don’t want him to get too worked up. I’m not comfortable playing with him for the first time with everyone watching. We need to go very slowly. I need to be certain he’s okay, or I’ll never open up for him. And after all that’s happened this summer, I don’t want Ryan to think I don’t want him.”


Be sure to catch all the
Hump Day Hook excerpts at this



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Sex Positivity, continued.

Every morning I troll my FaceBook “Likes” looking for posts to share with readers. Hubs and I write erotic romance together because we love it, we love great sex, and we want to be part of helping our readers not only find hot spicy reads, but expecially find joy and pleasure in their sexuality.

Two posts crossed my path this morning and they kind of go together. The first is from Life On The Swingset – a real-life swinger who is blogging about his journey in the lifestyle. He came out about his poly lifestyle to a friend, and it cost him the friendship. Here’s the blog LINK. Go like his Facebook Page, if you’re looking for a window into the poly lifestyle.

The very next post in my feed was from The Pleasure Coach (another page I highly recommend you “like”) – it was the graphic below:

So I always reach back to the Sex Positivity credo (with a shout-out to sex blogger Charlie Glickman) when I run into these things: There are only three criteria for judging any sexual act.

  1. that it takes place among consenting adults
  2. that it brings pleasure to the participants
  3. that it brings no harm to anyone involved.

That’s it. Period. No judgment, no censure, no shame in someone else’s choices, as long as it meets these criteria.

So that’s my hope, on this mid-January day in 2013.

Go have some intensely erotic, normal fun!


Celebrate Feminist Porn!

It’s no secret that hubs and I (who write erotic romance together under the pen name Adriana Kraft) enjoy our share of porn flicks, often as part of foreplay. Some of our characters do, too – most notably, Jennifer Andrews, from our Swinging Games series at Extasy Books. Watching videos together with her husband, Jennifer discovered that she got turned on by imagining herself on the receiving end of the actresses, even more than the actors. Could she be bisexual? She and Brett turned to the swing lifestyle to find out, and our series was launched.

Who was she watching? We weren’t privileged to be in the bedroom with Jen and Brett while the DVDs were running (though that might have been fun :)), but we can bet the best of them were from some of the new feminist porn directors who emerged over the last decade.

This morning over at Get Lusty for Couples, we ran across an interview with Erika Lust, whose work we highly recommend. She’s doing on film what we hope we’re doing on the page of our novels: “Watching an erotic film together could be the ultimate fantasy for some people, or it may open doors to new ones – like exploring fetishes, trying new positions or even making a film of one’s own! The key here is communication, and watching films together can really get the ball rolling, especially if you’re having a hard time explaining what you want, or what you fantasize about trying.”

Maybe Jen and Brett watched Five Hot Stories for Her, or perhaps it was Life Love and Lust. If you’d like to explore Erika’s work, you can download two free shorts by signing up for her newsletter at this LINK on her Facebook page.

You’ll be glad you did!

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