Swinging Games

Swinging Games


Do you fantasize about the swing lifestyle? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to participate in a threesome or more-some? How about a little voyeurism?

In our fifteen-book Swinging Games series, you can experience the thrill of anticipation, the anxious moments of that first lifestyle encounter, the heat of three, four and more-way erotic adventures, house parties, swing clubs and more, through the eyes of our hero and heroine, Brett and Jennifer Andrews. Here’s how they got their start:

What’s a girl to do? Happily married with all her children grown, Jennifer Andrews has finally figured out she’s bi-sexual – but just turning on to hot f/f fiction and videos isn’t enough. She wants the real thing, and she wants to share it with Brett. Addition sounds so much better than subtraction. Will the swing lifestyle be the answer they’re seeking? They’re determined to find out.


Swinging Games: AnticipationAnticipation
(Swinging Games: Book One)

To spice up their relationship, Brett and Jennifer
are about to enter the swinging world – who knew
the anticipation alone would blow their minds?

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Swinging Games: HookupsHookups
(Swinging Games: Book Two)

Friends with benefits—fantasies and new swinging
hookups fuel the fire of lust and excitement, but what
will happen to Jen and Brett’s marriage?


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A Tempting TasteA Tempting Taste
(Swinging Games: Book Three)

A little voyeurism, some role-playing, a taste of m/m,
ménage for three and four – the swinging world
is heating up for Jennifer and Brett Andrews!
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(Swinging Games: Book Four)

What if the neighbors find out – and
what if they want to join in? Delectable complexities
unfold as Jen and Brett continue their swinging adventures!


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Swinging Games: The Adventure ContinuesThe Adventure Continues
(Swinging Games: Book Five)

Seasoned swingers by now, Jennifer and Brett
seize the moment, stage a party and welcome
a request to mentor a new young couple.

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Swinging Games: Who's the Coach?Who’s the Coach?
(Swinging Games: Book Six)

Brett and Jen have agreed to mentor a much younger couple
into the swing lifestyle – but Carson and Vanessa
turn the tables with their bi-play!
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Swinging Games: Dare to AdventureDare to Adventure
(Swinging Games: Book Seven)

An elusive Unicorn, an on-premise Swing Club,
m/m, f/f and ménage for three, four or more –
what will Jen and Brett dare to try next?


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Swinging Games: Pushing the LimitsPushing the Limits
(Swinging Games: Book Eight) 

Brett and Jen thrill to hot three-way phone sex,
more male action for Brett and Ryan,
a sizzling house party and finally,
a decadent weekend with their new Unicorn.
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Toocloseforcomfort300Too Close for Comfort
(Swinging Games: Book Nine)

The sought-after Unicorn, so elusive in the
Swing Lifestyle. Now that Sarah Creston has materialized
in Jen and Brett Andrews’ bed, what’s next?

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TriplePlay2x3Triple Play
(Swinging Games Book Ten)

Threesomes are so tempting…
but can they last?
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Summer’s End
(Swinging Games Book Eleven)

You gotta play the game to the fullest.
You never know when it will end.


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Foursomes and More
(Swinging Games Book Twelve)

Friends with Benefits—
what if some of those friends
seek exclusivity?
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Epicurean Delites
(Swinging Games Book Thirteen)

Taste the decadence of an all-inclusive
clothing-optional swing-lifestyle resort
on the Mexican Riviera? Bring it on!


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Rose Colored Dreams
(Swinging Games Book Fourteen)

Run for the roses?
Anyone can dream on Derby day—
and what an after party!

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Hot to the Touch
(Swinging Games, Book Fifteen)

Can the summer get any hotter? Swingers Brett
and Jen head north to a clothing optional RV resort, but
maybe cooling down will only heat things up more.


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