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My Sexy Holiday—What will they unwrap? #MySexySaturday #MSS168 #MFRWAuthor

What will They Unwrap?

Welcome to the 168th week
of My Sexy Saturday!


This week’s theme is My Sexy Holidays. We think Mack and Carol Walker are definitely headed for a sexy holiday… Their story will be released December 3 at Extasy Books, where there’ll be a Stocking Stuffer short story every day until Christmas!


It’s Christmas Eve—
what gifts will Mack, Carol and Tara
unwrap together?

Here are the opening seven paragraphs:

“Life doesn’t get much better than this.” Mack Walker hugged his wife closer as they gazed at the blanket of stars enshrouding the crisp northern Minnesota night.

Carol playfully splashed heated water at her husband before sliding her hand down toward his crotch. “We could make it even better. I love our privacy. No one can see our hot tub.”

Mack chuckled. “They’d have to be nearly on top of us with night vision goggles. Our closest neighbor is half a mile away.”

“If they get that close, they might be wanting to join us for a little fun.” She squeezed his lengthening cock.

He tugged at her nipple. “Fantasies. Fantasies. But such talk does always gets us going. Your wild side comes out when you think about another couple joining us.”

“And you like my wild side.”

“Very much.”

BUY LINK ~ December 3

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A Sexy Workout Fave

Here’s one for all you baby boomers out there. I was thrilled in 2012 to shed those final few pounds and reach the weight I enjoyed in my twenties, pre-pregnancy. Did I mention said son is now over thirty? So it’s been a while, and as any baby boomer will tell you, it’s not arranged in quite the same way, even though I’ve never not worked out. I have wonderfully strong abs, snazzy legs – and love handles at my waist, in spite of everything.

But I found the perfect move to whip them into shape, courtesy of Beyonce and Women’s Health Magazine: Side planks with knee tuck twist. Caveat – I am not a trainer, so if you want to do this move, go to the Workout Link and do exactly as they say! Essentially, the move is a side plank, upper arm bent at the elbow with hand on head, in which the lower leg comes forward in a knee tuck while the torso and upper arm bend so the elbow reaches toward the moving knee. Got that? Look it up :)! According to the instructions I read, Beyonce does ten reps on each side, three sets.

I lay on the floor on my side as instructed, bent my lower arm at the elbow and placed that forearm on the floor, raised my torso until my weight was only supported by my forearm and my feet – and promptly rolled forward, falling out of the plank. This, in spite of years of regular cardio workouts and occasional yoga. Definitely some muscles in need of a new workout!

So the first hurdle was strength and balance. Needless to say, once I got the balance thing figured out, adding the knee tuck (never mind the torso bend!) immediately rolled me forward flat on the floor again. Or sometimes, backwards. Three sets of ten reps? Not gonna happen.

Start small is my main motto – and truly, that is what I did. My first day, just getting one rep accomplished on each side was a major miracle. I wisely skipped the next day. Day three – still just one on each side. Day five I was finally able to bump it up to two. And so it went, a little more each day, until I could crank out a full ten reps on each side without falling out of the plank.

Am I there yet? Way improved – and in any case, it’s a process. But when I put on my low-rise jeans, that irritating roll of flab over the belt is missing, so I’m happy, and that’s motivation to keep at it.

One more thing: Did you notice my main motivation for adding this routine to my workout was vanity? Guess what – it doesn’t matter what it takes to get you started on something that’s good for you. Turns out this routine has fabulous payoff in the bedroom! It works your obliques and strengthens your core, so you’ll experience improved stamina, not to mention better Kegel squeeze power. And yes, my husband noticed – he loves it. Try it out – your sex life will be glad you did.

What’s your favorite workout move? We’d love to hear about it.

Have fun – and Stay Sexy!


Hump Day Hook ~ Full Circle #HDH #poledancer

Here’s a different take on a superb form of aerobic exercise! We were talking on Sunday in our Stay Sexy column about the power of aerobic exercise to keep us supple, healthy, and sexy – so I got to thinking, which of our characters had the best workout routine? I’m thinking Barb, in Full Circle. Here’s the blurb, and a snippet from the opening pages:


Exotic dancer Barbra Atkins has spent ten years carefully choreographing every step of her meteoric rise to success on the private club circuit. Now it’s payback time for the two college roommates who didn’t have time for their nerdy classmate ~ add three strapping spectacular hunks to the mix, and revenge can be so sweet!

Full Circle






The Three of Cups:

Bounty, abundance, celebration, fruition…
all have come full circle



The sheer shock on the faces of her former college roommates proved more satisfying than Barbra Atkins had even dared hope. Tingling, she blew kisses at the rest of her audience, mainly men but with a nice smattering of women present.

Her fans began chanting Tam-my, Tam-my, Tam-my—her stage name. She stretched to her full height, rising on the toes of her high heels, lifting her long curls off her shoulders, knowing full well how that simple gesture accentuated her breasts. Without checking, she knew her nipples had swollen to nearly twice their normal size and jutted against the sheer peignoir top, suggesting a little mystery. Many of her fans didn’t care about mystery. Barb blew another series of kisses and rotated her hips. A little mystery fed the fantasies, bringing her customers back for more, encouraging larger tips, and generating more lap dance opportunities than she could fit in between dance numbers.

She’d honed every move of the body, every glint of the eye, every twist of the smile to enhance the fantasy. She’d studied hours and hours of tapes of her routines and had rearranged them with a critical eye. Grinning at a beefy man waving a fist full of bills, she danced confidently toward him, knowing that she’d left little if anything to chance.

It was her attention to detail, her work ethic, and her desire that had made her one of most highly sought after exotic dancers on the national private club circuit. She peered out through the haze at her former roommates, Ruth Nelson and Desiree Rogers, who clearly remained thunderstruck to see their former shy and somewhat nerdy roommate confidently turning on a room full of men and women.


Romance Junkies: Four Blue Ribbons

Adriana Kraft gives readers an unexpected treat with this fast paced and extremely sexy story…If you’re looking for a story with a fun plot, lots of hot sex and characters you’ll come to care about then FULL CIRCLE – TAROT: THREE OF CUPS is for you. ~ Chrissy

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