Stay Sexy ~ Behind the scenes at a real swing club!


We’ve been writing fictional erotic romance adventures about couples who swing for over four years now – today, we thought we’d take our readers behind the scenes for real!

JJ’s Western Swing is a friendly, comfortable on-premise swing club located about an hour west of Las Vegas, in Pahrump, Nevada. Club hosts Jenny and Johnny offer parties in their private home – but don’t be fooled into thinking this is a small venue or that it might cramp your style. Their home is a spacious ranch on two and a half acres, surrounded by a privacy fence. There’s room inside the fence for up to three RV’s (electrical hook-up only), but be sure to make a specific RV reservation if this is an option you’ll need.

Inside the house, you’ll find a dance floor, juke box, a small stage with a stripper pole (and there will always be someone who pole-dances…), two private playrooms, an open playroom with a massage table and various restraint equipment, a full kitchen, buffet and dining area, and a couple smaller gathering spaces, with plenty of seating.

Outside there’s a swimming pool (open in season), a hot tub (usually year-round), a tiki bar, a fire pit, several bungalows for additional play rooms, and again, lots of seating. Towels and bathrobes are available by the hot tub, and also by the massage table. The bungalows have air conditioning and heating, comfortable beds, and space for storing overnight luggage for guests who’ve elected to spend the night.

How to dress? Any way you want! Some party-goers are in street clothes – jeans or shorts, tee-shirt or polo shirt, for example. Others wear sexy club clothes. There are no limits on what you may reveal, and it won’t be long before at least a few people are wearing no clothes at all. Sometimes there’s a theme, such as St. Patrick’s Day, or sexy lingerie, or Halloween. Themes will always be posted on the website.

The party usually gets started sometime between 7:00 and 8:00 p.m. on a Saturday night, and the juke box plays as long as people are awake. There’s lots of opportunity for dancing, and anyone is welcome to take a turn at the pole, as well. A buffet supper is set out once the party gets going – excellent food, and plenty of it, traditional Irish corned beef and cabbage for St. Patrick’s Day, for example.

Splitting off in pairs or foursomes or more-somes may get started after 10:00 or 11:00. The only end-point for play is governed by whether the bungalow you’re playing in is reserved for a couple to spend the night – they’ll probably want you out of their space when they’re ready to sleep.

The morning-after party might get going between 9:00 and 10:00 a.m., with coffee and always a generous home-cooked brunch. Guests may lounge, play, use the pool or hot tub, dance some more, or just gather and chat, and the party will ultimately break up by mid-afternoon on Sunday.

Typical attendance at parties is anywhere from fifteen to twenty-five couples. Single women are welcomed, and select single men may attend by invitation only. There do appear to be a number of “regulars” who are often in attendance, but don’t let that put you off. This club is the polar opposite of cliquey. Both the hosts and the regulars go out of their way to help newcomers feel welcomed. The ambience is one of acceptance, and party-goers of a wide range of ages and body types enjoy the special benefits of friendship that come with being in the lifestyle. If you’ve never had a swing club experience, JJ’s Western Swing is a comfortable, relaxing and welcoming venue to get your toes wet.

If you go:

Reservations: Check out their website at for information on upcoming parties, and be sure to make a reservation. Parties are typically held monthly or more frequently, depending on the season. When you sign up, you’ll have an option of reserving an overnight stay and joining the morning after party – and if you didn’t reserve for overnight and change your mind after you arrive, there’ll probably be a way to make that work. If you’re an SLS member, you have the option of putting a JJ’s party icon on your profile and checking the list of who else is attending from SLS.

Cost: There is no standard cost to attend the party. Instead, party donations are used to offset the cost of hosting, and a portion of the donation is given to a local charity working with victims of abuse. Most couples who stay overnight and attend the brunch average about a thirty dollar donation. As with many swing clubs, drink set-ups are included, but party-goers are responsible to bring their own alcohol.

Location: The town of Pahrump is about sixty miles from the Las Vegas strip, a mostly easy drive over a well-maintained highway (Nevada State Rte. 160) with passing lanes in the mountainous section. The elevation at the pass is 5502 feet, so in winter months you’ll want to check for weather conditions if it’s raining in the valley, because it can snow at the pass. The address and complete directions are available at the club WEBSITE.


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  1. We are semi-regulars at JJ’s only because we live out of state. We made our first trip to JJ’s in late 2008. We were not swingers at the time, but we were exhibitionists looking for a comfortable place to play that we would not feel ostracized for our lack of “inter-couple play”. We were also curious about swinging but had a hard time finding couples who would talk to us about the lifestyle. We had tried another club, but every time we got into a conversation with someone about the lifestyle they no longer had interest in talking to us once they learned we were not “swingers” and play was not an immediate option. We even overheard a conversation at another club in which some of the experienced swingers were upset that we would have the nerve to play publicly without swapping partners.

    Once we turned our questions to an online forum we got only some good feedback, but had several swinger couples tell us something like: “If you are looking for a place you can be comfortable regardless of your level of involvement in the lifestyle, you have to try JJ Western Swing”. So we made contact with Jen.

    Once we made the long trip to the Vegas area and attended a JJ’s party, we could not have been made more welcome. Jen went out of her way to answer all of our questions, Joe, one of their hosts spoke to us at length about lifestyle etiquette and the all-inclusive philosophy of the club. Johnny, who had been out of town overnight on business, took the time to speak to us for hours, rather than going to bed when he got home.

    The guests were equally respectful, and helpful. All the other guests that weekend were there to play but none refused to give us their time, all were friendly and accommodating, even knowing we were not there to swing, only to possibly to indulge our exhibitionist side! No one stopped talking to us when they learned we weren’t swingers, and no one pressured us to play.

    Well, what can we say? When we got to JJ’s we had only the intention of enjoying the atmosphere and getting a few questions answered on the off chance that at some far, future date we might actually try swinging. By the time we left JJ’s that weekend, we were swingers! We had enjoyed some of the most erotic experiences imaginable as a couple by the time we left, and have not duplicated that kind of eroticism since. That is not to say we have not had some awesome experiences, but that first weekend could not have been scripted more near-perfect and consisted of more than one tryst.

    Before that weekend there is no way you could have convinced us we would be swinging by the end of our trip no matter how comfortable we felt. But that’s JJ’s for you. You’re not just friends, you are treated as family.

    On one subsequent trip we got a flat tire. Johnny took my to his hobby shop (he used to be one of the best mechanics in Florida before retiring to Pahrump), picked up a professional patch kit, got down in the dirt and patched my tire, not allowing me to do any of the grunt work. When he finished and filled my tire I asked him, “How much do I owe you?” He shook my hand and said, “Nothing, that’s what family’s for!” Mind you, we only visit Vegas & Pahrump 3-4 times a year.

    To this day, JJ’s is the only club we attend & We have been family ever since!

    Thank you John & Jen. We love you! (And all the rest the of you too – You know who you are!)

    • Glen & Mikah
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    • What a fabulous experience – doesn’t surprise me a bit. Open and inclusive, non-judgmental, truly sex positive. Thanks for stopping by to comment!

      • Adriana Kraft
      • Reply
    • As I read this comment I got tears in my eyes. Its guests like you that make me love running our parties, and being with lifestyle people. My husband John is the kind of person that gives you the shirt off his back. I am so blessed to have him and all our lifestyle family!! Thank-you so much, Jenny of JJ’s
      XOXO 🙂

  2. What a great place! The atmosphere was nothing bit friendly! The house is magnificent with lots of play areas amd private bungalows. And, the host and hostess are great people! We can’t wait to go back! See you soon Johnny and Jenny!

    • Shane n Justine
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  3. Hi Adrian What you said about JJs is the same way it happen for us . You told the story perfectly .Our story about John and Jeny has been going on for over 3 years now . They are our best friends or I should say family now.That is how they treat everyone ,just like family. We have enjoyed all of or new friends we meet threw out the years and hope to meet some new ones .It is well worth your time to go check out one of there parties . Hope to see you there !!! Bob & Marie

    • Bob and Marie
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