My Outdoor Office #MFRWauthor

1_Trichocereus Angelesii…so my last several blog posts may have sounded like all we ever do is vacation, go dancing, and work out – but we’re writers, and we work very hard at that, too.


5_Cane Cholla Opuntia SpinosiorToday I thought I’d give you a taste of our summer outdoor office.

The RV resort we’re staying in has a lovely cactus garden, with a pergola, tables, benches, and even electrical outlets.

4_the culprit - prickly pearIt’s a beautiful space to write while the mornings are still cool enough.

I took these cactus photos during the blooming season in April, but even now, in mid June, the mimosa is full of blossoms, and the air is sweet with it. Morning temps in the 80s, gentle breeze – can’t ask for much more.






Day One #MFRWAuthor #Stayfit

Anyone who works at staying fit knows the syndrome – life is never static, and keeping healthy turns out to involve an endless series of starting over.

Today, it’s Day One after a fun three days at The Golden Nugget and The Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas (well, no end of exercise, between all the dancing and the walking), and also Day One of changing up our timing.

Palo-Duro-Adriana-300x200Summer has arrived. Mimosa sweetness fills the air and the heat is intense. Ten AM bike rides are no longer an option – we’ve got to get up early and ride before breakfast to have a comfortable cruising temperature. It’s only 9:30 as I write this and already 87 degrees – we took our ride (ten minutes, to ease back into the routine) at 7:30, when it was only in the high seventies. This afternoon, instead of walking, we’ll hit the pool around 3 PM. (pic above is Palo Duro Canyon, TX, November, 2012).

Today is the first day of the rest of our lives…


Time to Play!

Blogging about what we love

20150605Fremont StreetFreemont Street Any time I feel like I might be crazy or off the charts, The Fremont Street Experience sets my perspective to rights, so we always try to catch it when we come to Vegas. Usually we’re here on a weeknight – the crowds last night were so thick it was hard to see the impromptu acts along the sidelines. Or maybe just hard to distinguish the actors from the crowd! Gotta love Las Vegas.

Triple Crown Fever I may have to eat my words (it’s happened before) – I truly think this is the year of the Triple Crown. There’s always racing luck, but American Pharoah looks like he has what it takes to win the Belmont. Can’t be there this year (LOVED our trip to the Belmont Stakes in 2001), but you can bet we’ll be glued to the TV this afternoon and hoping!

Dancing Then we’ll top the evening off by going dancing. Did I mention we’ve been taking dance lessons all winter, twice a week most weeks? Time to put our moves on the dance floor in the city that never sleeps. Might sleep late in the morning though…

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