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Love in a Hot Climate – Justine Elyot on Tour with #Giveaway #BDSM #MFRWAuthor

Love in a Hot Climate

Hello, I’m Justine Elyot and I’m here to talk about my new BDSM menage romance, The Story of Jo.

The first time you go on holiday with a new flame is a real rite of passage. It can be a snatched weekend in the city, a week by the sea or more than a month on the backpacking trail. No matter what it is, you can bet that you’ll be concentrating more on your lover than the local scenery.

Jo is no different. When Emmett manages to sneak her to Barcelona for a work conference, she spends much more time in the bedroom than the Gothic Quarter. But even if you never leave your king-size hotel bed, you’re in a different place, and not just geographically. Taking characters away from their usual setting is a fantastic vehicle for moving the story forward and developing their relationship. A more relaxed vibe can lead to confidences, while the intensity of the togetherness can deepen bonds.

And there’s always the chance that being in a foreign city where nobody knows your name might dissolve a few inhibitions… Here are Emmett and Jo in a crowded bar just off Las Ramblas…

He put a hand on my thigh, stroking the silky material against the elastic lace of my stocking top. It kept catching and snagging, a dangerous little crackling sensation.

“What are you going to do?” I asked, my breath catching. I felt the situation slipping rapidly out of my control; it was heady, scary and exhilarating.

“I’ll do whatever I want with you,” he said into my ear, watching the waiters. “That’s how we work, isn’t it?”


He pulled my hem just above my stocking top, so a white strip of thigh was visible between them. At least, it was visible to anyone who thought to look under our table – hopefully everyone would be too absorbed in their own business to bother.

Emmett’s hand slipped between my upper thighs, his fingertips moving lightly around the tender skin and under my suspender elastics.

My mouth was too dry to let sound escape. Was he going to touch me, here, in front of all these people?

“Have you ever done anything like this before, Jo?” he asked, teasing his fingers ever closer to the very tops of my thighs. “Anything in public?”

I shook my head, my heart pounding. My eyes flickered all over the place, desperate to make sure we weren’t observed.

“Let’s start slowly,” he breathed, pulling me in for a deep kiss. His hand rested under my skirt, on my bare thigh, as he worked on my mouth. I knew kissing in public wasn’t any kind of offence, but this felt weirdly obscene, especially when his tongue slid inside.

It took no time at all – mere seconds – for my anxieties about being watched to melt in the blast-furnace of my desire for him. I surrendered to the kiss, opening myself up, feeling the turmoil in my lower belly that would soon translate to wetness.

The hand that wasn’t on my thigh crept around to nudge the side of my breast, stroking it with his knuckles. My nipples were soon hard and swollen; I thought they must look huge under the thin silk that barely covered them.

Before long, I felt my clit follow suit, blossoming between my lower lips as if begging for attention. Emmett’s hand felt heavier on my thigh. It was hot and damp, or was that me? I couldn’t tell any more.

He began to knead my flesh with his fingertips, every pressing motion causing my lips to spread slightly, teasing my needy clit until I squirmed in my seat.

He moved his lips to my ear.

“Do you want me to touch you?” he murmured, moving down to kiss and nip at my neck.

My eyes were rolling around inside their lids, crazy pinballs of desire. I could hardly keep back the tide of little animal noises that threatened to pour out of me. I needed him to stop them up with his mouth again.

“Uhhhh,” I confirmed, seeking out his lips and tongue.

Carefully, slowly, he moved his hand further up my thigh – with some difficulty, as they had begun to feel glued together. He slipped his little finger into my cleft and brushed against my clit. Such a light touch shouldn’t have set off such incredible sparks, but it did. I whimpered and clenched my buttocks against the force of it.

And now something else was happening. I was coming out of my cocoon of pure sensation and becoming aware of the people around me – and instead of panicking about being seen, I was positively relishing the idea.

Look at me, I begged silently. See what he’s doing to me, right here in front of you all.


I met a man called Emmett, and now I belong to him.

Twenty-something Jo meets Emmett on a team-building course, and her initial disdain for him soon turns into attraction.

With Emmett’s strong but loving hand to guide her, Jo unleashes her inner submissive and they embark on an intense voyage of sexual discovery.

Their mutual fascination sees them exploring bondage, spanking, toys and more, and their romance is as perfect as Jo could hope for, until another man appears on the scene.

She knows that Emmett hero-worships his former boss and mentor, Charles, but when she finds out that Charles is the man who introduced Emmett to the art of domination, she has no idea how to feel.

With fierce desire growing between the three of them, can they find a way to explore this new dynamic without destroying what they already have?

Want to read on? The Story of Jo is available in print and ebook formats:

Amazon: http://smarturl.it/TSoJKindle

Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/the-story-of-jo

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/book/the-story-of-jo/id1420094618?mt=11

Barnes and Noble: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-story-of-jo-justine-elyot/1128642055?ean=9781910908303

Author bio:

Justine Elyot is the author of best selling erotic novels On Demand and The Business of Pleasure, as well as enough short stories to fill several anthologies.

She can often be found moaning about stuff on Twitter as @JustineElyot


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