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It’s her 20th high school reunion — or rather, the morning after, and Sarah has just awakened to find bad boy Adam Granger in her bed. She’s remembering the night before…


“Take me now. Why wait any longer?”

Had her provocations unleashed the beast within him? He’d actually growled. He deliberately reached for her panties and ripped them apart while gauging her reaction. She never flinched. He’d driven a finger into her cleft as she stood there trying not to beg. She was so wet and ready he could’ve done most anything to her.

Impaled on his finger, she’d struggled for breath and focus. She was stark naked and he was still dressed. Turn about had to be fair play. She didn’t even try to unbutton his shirt. She grabbed it with both hands and jerked.

His buttons joined hers on the floor.

“You like it rough, do you?”

A dark and brooding bad boy, his petite Latina lover, and his unattainable former highschool crush ~ a sizzling, combustible threesome.


Dark and brooding, Adam Granger was always the bad boy out of reach—but now he’s in Sarah Atkinson’s bed, the morning after their twentieth high school reunion. When Adam beats a retreat to his Pacific Palisades estate, former good girl Sarah throws caution to the wind and pursues him.

Petite copper-skinned Maria Ramirez greets Sarah at Adam’s front door. The former exotic dancer doesn’t challenge Sarah’s assumption she’s the maid—how long will it take the dark-haired beauty to figure out Maria is Adam’s live-in lover? Better yet, how long before Maria can entice her into their bed?

Determined not to rock his hard-won lifestyle, Adam resolves to push Sarah past her sexual limits so she’ll leave. When she stays, he watches helplessly as the two women fall in love with each other. Will they shut him out? And, if they let him in, what must he sacrifice? 


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We’re thrilled to announce Extasy Books has re-released our erotic romantic suspense, The Merry Widow. Thoroughly revised and edited, this is the steamy story of a mid-life widow’s sexual awakening. Following a prologue to set the stage, it opens with an erotic scene between two women – the first ever in our heroine’s life. If this isn’t your cup of tea, no problem – you might prefer our Romantic Suspense books, all of which deliver one man, one woman, hot sex, and perilous danger.

But if this appeals to you – hang on for the ride! Recently widowed and in her early forties, Merry Delany is about to plunge into a self-discovery journey that takes her places she’s never imagined, much less hoped for. Once passion is unleashed, can it be stopped?


“So why did you spy on me and my friends after that?”

Jim sipped his wine and never batted an eye. “I had to know what the mob might use against you as possible blackmail.”

“Oh.” Merry pursed her lips. “I suppose that’s plausible. That couldn’t have taken more than two or three weeks. You know, to discover the other women and the guys visiting my house. And you were clear this wasn’t a drug house.”

“You’re right, of course. If you really want to know, Widow Delaney, I became obsessed with you. With your body. With your wild escapades. At first, I couldn’t figure you out. And then I had to have you. You were wasting yourself on all those young Turks. And I was in the wings more than willing to serve you.”

“And more than able, I will add on your behalf. But you do have an ego, Detective Barnes. Why did you wait a week and a half to come back to me?”

“Why didn’t you call?”

“I asked you first.”

“It was stupid to wait. I didn’t want to appear as if I needed you. I wanted you to come to me.”

“You thought since I’d experienced your world-renowned cock, no other would suffice.”

“Something like that.”

“Do men often think with their cocks? Ignore that question. It was rhetorical and inflammatory.”

“Well, you don’t want to be inflammatory, now do you?”

She managed a smile around a piece of cheese. “Not yet,” she said with her mouth full. She sipped more wine and swallowed.


The millennium arrived with such promise—will it deliver for recently widowed Merry Delaney?

So much for all the anticipation about the new millennium. Merry Delaney’s life is still in a rut and shows no signs of changing. Sex? A fading memory, gone long before her husband actually died. Excitement? Hardly the hallmark of an accountant’s life. At forty-two, what can she look forward to?

Until her best friend takes Merry’s predicament into her practiced hands. One passionate kiss unleashes possibilities Merry never dreamed of—and she wants to sample them all. Men? Women? Young? Old? Ménage? Toys? Yes, to all, to pleasure, to making up for lost time.

Enter Chicago Detective Jim Barnes, who solicits Merry’s help with a mob funds-skimming case. Can the scorching passion that soon smolders between Merry and Jim survive the escalating mob threats of exposure? Having discovered a zest for sex, will Merry ever again be satisfied with one man?


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This month we’re giving away one autographed print copy of Detour Ahead. The giveaway lasts all month – of course, you can always read it free at Kindle Unlimited! Contest details after our Sunday Snippet.

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Book Four in our Riders Up series is the story of Cassie’s best friend, Tracy Steele. Mourning the recent death of her father and unable to concentrate in her job as a top county prosecutor in Chicago, Tracy gives in to Cassie’s pressure to take a break—for two months, in a time share north of San Diego.

Having decided she’s put off long enough meeting the man Cassie wants her to help, Traci heads for the resort horse barns…


Carefully placing one foot directly in front of the other like a fox, Traci entered the stable.

The pungent odors of horse manure and leather greeting her weren’t totally unpleasant, but she preferred those of the Arboretum, or Lake Michigan. Traci stepped down the middle of the stable avoiding the outstretched heads of horses seeking attention and treats.

How could she appear casual when every animal in here wanted a piece of her? Where the hell was McCord? He popped up when she didn’t want to see him and vanished when she did.

Traci glanced down at her white tennis shoes. They were the best she could do; she didn’t own a pair of boots, and tennis shoes had to be better than sandals or heels. She frowned—her shoes were not going to come out of this adventure untarnished. At least she’d had sense enough to put on a pair of jeans, and the light sweater helped with the chill.

Coming to the end of one barn, Traci saw an imposing sign at the entrance to another declaring that resort guests were not allowed beyond that point. She paused and lifted her chin. Although she was a resort guest, she was here on business—and she might be a city girl, but she knew better than to shout in front of a barn full of horses to get McCord’s attention.


Hot-shot Chicago prosecuting attorney Traci Steele works tirelessly keeping rapists off the street to prevent other women from suffering the hell she’s endured, so she resists her friends’ insistence that she take a two month R&R in their California Live Oak condo—until they persuade her to help their rancher friend as a private investigator. 

Though he runs the stables at Live Oak, well-muscled mustached wrangler Scott McCord much prefers working with the racehorses he trains at his ranch, and he can’t believe his old friends have sent a greenhorn female to help him with horse troubles.

The improbable dance between this mismatched pair barely fits in around the escalating suspense of whoever’s after Scott’s horses. Traci is as tenacious in her sleuthing as she is terrified about her inability to ever love a man. Can Scott succeed in gentling her – like he does his horses – before she flees in panic? 

Night Owl Reviews Top Pick This is a story about letting go of your past so you can move on to your future…Add into this touching story of recovery a mystery that will keep you guessing to the very end, and you’ve got a story you won’t be able to put down. Angi

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