Stay Sexy ~ Wish It


Here’s a window sign we saw this week in our RV Park, when we were taking one of our twenty minute power walks:


Wish It

Dream It

Do It


It rings true for us on so many levels. In one of our forthcoming books, the hero tells the heroine these words:

“Listen kid, if you hang around me much you’ll have to get used to expanding your dreams. I don’t dream small. It doesn’t take any more time to dream big than small.”

We have wished:

To be a published novelist – check.

To live and travel in our motorhome full time – check.

To spend our days doing work we love – check.

To do whatever’s in our power to stay healthy, excited, vibrant and sexy as we age – check.

What do you wish for? What are your dreams filled with? Here’s to taking action!

Have fun, and Stay Sexy!


2 Responses to “Stay Sexy ~ Wish It”

  1. I’ll take it as written. You’re looking and I assume P was auditioning. Although he did okay for awhile, his biggest failing is that he jumped subjects rather than address issues and tried to look good by harping on an opponent’s mistakes.Guys like P figure such tactics work for Rush but they don’t realize Limbaugh’s opponents are prescreened and cut short when he’s in a hole. And it’s schtich Limbaugh has honed over decades

  2. naturally, these are all gorgeous.but the first image from Mike & Danielle’s preview is so elegant that it took my breath away, and I just want to stare at it all day.props, Becka.


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