Stay Sexy ~ Baby Boomers do it with Style!


Did you see the Huff Po article yesterday about women over fifty reading and writing erotic fiction? Here’s the LINK, in case you missed it. Should anyone be surprised? Baby boomers – the youngest of whom will turn fifty in 2014 – didn’t just come of age during the sexual revolution, they pretty much invented it. You can bet we’re not giving up our sexuality without a fight as we enter midlife and beyond.

Turns out there’s a conservative Republican running for the Colorado State Senate – and it has surfaced that a decade ago, she wrote erotic romance for Extasy Books under a pen name, to help support her family as a single mom after her day job as an EMT.

The discovery may be causing her political trouble in Colorado, but I liked the Huff Po take on the matter. Their lead line is “Jaxine Bubis, Erotic Fiction Writing Senate Candidate, Is Not Alone: Older Women Love Erotica.”

Agreed. Love to read it, love to write it, love to watch it – love to use it to spice up the action in the bedroom (or any other handy room). Here’s to hot sex after fifty and beyond.

Have fun, and stay sexy!


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  1. So, so true! As a boomer myself I find fellow boomer ladies so much sexier than the younger girls.

  2. Happy to hear that!

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