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Note to self: Re-read what I’ve been writing! Every week, I write a column here on our blog with tips for staying vibrant, excited, healthy and sexy across the life cycle. Most mornings, I get up and I start my day with something I’ve been writing about – usually, some stretches and at least ten minutes of target-heartrate activity before breakfast.  But lately? Well, lately, I haven’t felt like it. I’m not motivated. I’m resistant. I’m oppositional. I don’t wanna.

What would I advise someone in my quandary?

Just start. Just do something.

So here’s my pledge: Tomorrow morning, before that first cuppa, I will go stand in the living room and start with the simple opening exercise from my fave Extreme Makeover DVD. All you do is stand in one place and swing your arms, for maybe thirty seconds. Focus on keeping your shoulders down, not scrunched up by your ears, but relaxed. Swing both arms forward, then behind. Feel the tension go, and feel your heart and your body start to wake up, just from that simple beginning.

The thing is, once you’re already moving, it’s much easier to keep moving and ramp up to more active routines.

But I’m not promising to do all that – all I’m pledging to do is to start. We’ll see what happens after that!


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  1. …update, just to keep me honest. I did, in fact, start with that simple move this morning, and ended up with a four minute quick cardio-and-abs workout, including push-ups. Next week I’ll talk about why that’s so important!

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