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There may be other places… #MWTease #MFRWAuthor #Menage


Welcome to MidWeek Tease, where authors share tempting snippets to tide you over till the weekend. A huge shout out to author Angelica Dawson for hosting our blog hop every week!

Just nine days away! Today’s tease comes from our upcoming release, April Swings (Meghan’s Playhouse, Book 3).

Think maybe April’s going to heat things up a tad?


“You know I love you,” April said quickly, covering Derek’s hand with hers. “You don’t doubt that.”

He shook his head. “And I love you, but that doesn’t mean I understand you. You always said you got women out of your system during your college days.”

April felt her cheeks warm slightly. “I thought I did.” She frowned. “You know there hasn’t been anyone since you and I were engaged.” She smiled faintly. “And I got one of the hunkiest guys in the fire department, and a six-year-old daughter I wouldn’t trade for the world.”


“But we’ve grown stale. We keep going over old ground. And I’m tired of being taken for granted.”

“You’re not―”

“Hush. We get Sammy set up with her Saturday morning cartoons and then have something that passes in your book as sex.” Her voice rose. “If that’s not being taken for granted, if that’s not being in a rut, I don’t know what is. And I’m going to do something about it.”

“By fucking whoever you can entice to our suite.”

“You don’t have to be crude about it.” April felt the sharpness in her tone and quickly winked at him. “There may be other places that’d work besides our suite.”


April Swings

Meghan’s Playhouse:

Book Two

Extasy Books:

October 13, 2017

4 Flames:

Explicit Sex, MF, FF

Ménage, FFM, FMF, FMFM




April Day deeply loves her husband, Derek, but something’s missing. To heat things up, she books them on a Caribbean cruise for their seventh anniversary. She’s not sure what she’s looking for, but she knows she’s found it as soon as she spots the delectable sprite of an actress who stars in the ship’s daily shows.

Meghan Keenan’s having a blast with her latest squeeze, Clark Hendricks, who writes and directs the shipboard main shows. Should she turn down April’s request to heat up her marriage? And if she accepts, where will Clark fit in?

Derek is stunned by his wife’s brash pursuit of the hot young actress. Must he match her boldness to keep her from leaving him?



~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~

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7 Responses to “There may be other places… #MWTease #MFRWAuthor #Menage”

  1. I’m thinking Derek steps up to the plate 🙂

  2. Hmm, if I were him, I don’t know that I’d take that criticism well. 🙁 Glad he isn’t completely opposed to the idea.

  3. Oh dear, all is not well in that relationship. I do hope it all works out for them 🙂

  4. Great snippet, Adriana, and congrats on the upcoming release!

  5. Yep, definitely sounds like they need some refreshment of their love life. Congrats on the upcoming release, Adriana!

  6. Nice tease. They need to shake things up for sure. best of luck with your new book.

    • Susanne Matthews
    • Reply
  7. Sounds rather interesting…


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