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Erotic Romance? Erotica? We’ll let you decide… #MWTease #MFRWAuthor


Welcome to MidWeek Tease, where authors share tempting snippets to tide you over till the weekend. A huge shout out to author Angelica Dawson for hosting our blog hop every week!


Since our next several releases are all ménage/erotic romance, we thought we’d show a little backlist love. Fittingly, this coming Saturday, July 1, is the tenth anniversary of the release of Full Circle (Tarot: Three of Cups).

Romance Junkies loved it, but we did hear from a few readers complaining it had too much sex…

Full CircleTarot – Three of Cups:

Hot, sexy, tantalizing, steamy—exotic dancer Barbra Atkins has planned such sweet revenge for her former college roommates.

What will happen when the party’s over?

Heat Level:

Explicit sex: M/F, F/F;

Ménage: F/F/M;

Toys, Anal sex, multiple partners




Exotic dancer Barbra Atkins has spent ten years carefully choreographing every step of her meteoric rise to success on the private club circuit. Now it’s payback time for the two college roommates who didn’t have time for their nerdy classmate ~ add three strapping spectacular hunks to the mix, and revenge can be so sweet!


The Three of Cups:

Bounty, abundance, celebration, fruition…
all have come full circle


The sheer shock on the faces of her former college roommates proved more satisfying than Barbra Atkins had even dared hope. Tingling, she blew kisses at the rest of her audience, mainly men but with a nice smattering of women present.

Her fans began chanting Tam-my, Tam-my, Tam-my—her stage name. She stretched to her full height, rising on the toes of her high heels, lifting her long curls off her shoulders, knowing full well how that simple gesture accentuated her breasts. Without checking, she knew her nipples had swollen to nearly twice their normal size and jutted against the sheer peignoir top, suggesting a little mystery. Many of her fans didn’t care about mystery. Barb blew another series of kisses and rotated her hips. A little mystery fed the fantasies, bringing her customers back for more, encouraging larger tips, and generating more lap dance opportunities than she could fit in between dance numbers.

She’d honed every move of the body, every glint of the eye, every twist of the smile to enhance the fantasy. She’d studied hours and hours of tapes of her routines and had rearranged them with a critical eye. Grinning at a beefy man waving a fist full of bills, she danced confidently toward him, knowing that she’d left little if anything to chance.

It was her attention to detail, her work ethic, and her desire that had made her one of most highly sought-after exotic dancers on the national private club circuit. She peered out through the haze at her former roommates, Ruth Nelson and Desiree Rogers, who clearly remained thunderstruck to see their former shy and somewhat nerdy roommate confidently turning on a room full of men and women.

Barb pirouetted and shrugged off the peignoir. She cupped a breast in each palm and then pulled and twisted her rosy nipples to cheers. She grinned broadly at Ruth and Desiree.

They’d all been good friends in college—none of the backbiting competitiveness that caused problems for so many roommates. Ruth and Desiree had been the party girls, often leaving Barb to her studies.

Barb turned her back to the audience, bent over, grabbed her ankles and shimmied her ass. She chuckled at the hoots and yells of delight. She knew perfectly well that the single thong strand running up the crevice of her buttocks concealed almost nothing.

She lost herself in twisting and turning dance movements. Above all else, she loved dancing. On stage she could think. On stage she could be whoever she wanted to be. She stopped to thrust her hips suggestively—stage right, center, stage left and back to center. She knew there were men and women in the crowd pretending to be making love to her as she gyrated before them. She smiled at a redheaded woman in the near corner fondling her own breasts, mimicking Barb’s moves. She often replayed her favorite lovemaking moments while performing, to intensify the experience for everyone. Intense passion—that’s what she was selling. No more. But no less. The audience deserved the best she could create for them.


Romance Junkies: Four Blue Ribbons Adriana Kraft gives readers an unexpected treat with this fast paced and extremely sexy story…If you’re looking for a story with a fun plot, lots of hot sex and characters you’ll come to care about then FULL CIRCLE – TAROT: THREE OF CUPS is for you. ~ Chrissy

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  4. Great description, love her insights as well.

  5. A romance set in a strip club. I can’t wait for the “meet cute”.

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