Stay Sexy ~ It’s Raining


It’s raining. It’s been raining most of the last two weeks, plus it’s cold, even for North Iowa. Having spent the winter in the southwest, we’re not used to cold and rain. Our exercise routines are outdoors, as much as possible.

We did have one sunny day, two days ago, when things had dried out enough for us to walk our favorite river trail and see if any ephemerals were in bloom – they were, and here are some pics (Bluebells, Anemone, May Apple). Walks like that feed both body and soul.

But it’s still raining. Our hopes for an afternoon bikeride yesterday between storms were dashed, and both of us are weary of the stationary bike in our basement. Boring. Repetitive. Burdensome.

Enter my husband, about 3pm, into the living room where I was editing. “Let’s dance.” Music to my ears! We spent the next half hour dancing to music from our high school days, laughing, trying new moves, making mistakes, laughing some more – and keeping our heart rates in that magical target zone.

Good for body and soul.


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