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In last night’s dream, I am traveling somewhere and it’s a beautiful day, but I need to get my morning Sudoku worked, and I don’t have a pencil. Whoever I’m traveling with (vague, in this dream) goes with me searching all over the city for the perfect pencil – not just any pencil will do. We finally find it, but we’ve missed seeing the beautiful sites we traveled to see.

The dream morphs (as dreams do) and now I’m on Dancing With The Stars, and it’s performance time, and I’ve completely missed the final rehearsal and don’t know my dance.
~ ~ ~
I don’t want to preach 🙂

So I’ll just say that this morning, before writing this post, I took my Sudoku and my perfectly ordinary pencil outside with my morning coffee and watched the sunrise light up the clouds over the mountains. I’m refreshed and ready for my day – I hope the same for you.

pahrump mountain sunrise


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