Excerpts from Luci’s Diary

Curious about Luci’s sexual escapades? Here are all the snippets Kate reads from her Diary… enjoy!

January 5

I’m in love.  He looked at me with lust filled eyes.  I must be the luckiest girl alive.  G.C. is such a hunk.  I have a hard time breathing just thinking of him naked.  I might die on the spot if I ever have the chance to see him in the flesh.  And he has a brilliant mind.  And he wants me.  I know he does.

January 7  

I’ve made a date with G.C.  Well, not actually.  He doesn’t know it’s a date.  I have an appointment to meet with him in his office to go over my essay.

What to wear?  Something provocative, but subtle.  He wouldn’t be satisfied with a slut.  There are a lot of those parading before him on a daily basis.  He has a reputation of being a Don Juan with the women, but he’s the one who takes the initiative.  I’ve seen him at more than one social function with a sexy woman draped on his arm.      

I can be as sexy as any of them.  And I’d do anything for him.  I’d be his love slave.  I’d be his wife.  He only has to ask.

Wow!  That was something.  G.C. could hardly keep his eyes off my swollen nipples.  They did show off nicely under a nearly sheer white blouse.  I do like being trim; that makes wearing a bra an inconvenience, not a necessity.  I think he was undressing me in his mind as we were discussing Chaucer.  I sure know I was undressing him.  

Damn, when will I see the real thing?  I know his cock will be large.  Probably larger than any man I’ve been with.  So how do we get from here to there? 

I wonder what my sister would tell me to do.  Maybe I should ask her.  No.  For once, this is my adventure. 

She doesn’t have to know about it or live her love life vicariously through me.

March 15

G.C.’s appetite is voracious.  For sex, I mean.  I didn’t know there were so many ways for a woman to fuck a man or for a man to fuck a woman.  Sometimes my pussy is sore for a day or two after.  But when I see him next I’m more than ready to please him.

There never seems to be enough time.  And I see him escorting other women to functions or his picture in the paper with a piece of eye candy.  Why am I not good enough?  I must not be doing enough to please him.  I just want to be with him—all the time.

I tried one of the butt plugs he gave me.  That was strange at first.  I know he wants to fuck me in the ass.  I’m trying to get ready for him.  He’s hardly a small man by any means. He’s so considerate, giving me time to prepare with the plugs.  He must know I would have gladly given him my ass without preparation.  I would’ve been happy if he’d simply taken it without asking.    

I do love his cock.  It is so sensitive.  It weaves about whenever my fingers or lips approach.  I love to take him in my mouth.  He must be halfway down my throat by the time I fit all of him in.   The first time I went down on him, G.C. was quite angry because I dropped him from my mouth when he started to come.  Since then, I’ve learned to swallow his come.

Actually, I’ve become quite greedy.  I doubt I could ever get too much of that.  Some days I think I like blowing G.C. better than anything else we do.  Of course, he wouldn’t be satisfied with only that.  He claims that variety really is the spice of life, particularly when it comes to sex.

April 5

I’m so embarrassed.  I made love with a woman.  What would my sister think?

G.C. wanted to watch.  He never joined in.  He just sat in the armchair and jerked off as he watched Amber initiate me into girl/girl sex.  It would have been better if he’d helped me or maybe if I’d known the girl.

It wasn’t terrible by any means.  I’d be lying to suggest otherwise.  I was so terrified at first.  But Amber helped me relax.  She was much gentler than G.C. typically is.  Her tongue seemed to have a built-in GPS system.  I was astounded to feel myself gushing all over her mouth.

When Amber moved into a sixty-nine position, her pussy grazed my lips.  At first I didn’t know what to do.  I felt inadequate, and then I guess instinct took over.  If I could’ve, I would’ve climbed into that bald pussy.  I wanted so badly for Amber to come.  I needed her to come.  I needed to show G.C. that I could make her come.  And she did.  Delicious.  I’d never tasted anything as rich and tangy.  Exquisite.  And she howled like a banshee.  I didn’t let myself go like that.  Maybe next time.

When she shifted away from me, I noticed G.C. with his cock out and semen covering his hand.  I asked if he wanted me to clean him up with my tongue.  He said don’t bother.  He seemed in a dark, foul mood.  Why, I don’t know.  Making love with a girl was his idea, not mine.

I’m trying not to be embarrassed.  Loving a woman turned out to be quite delightful.  So does this make me a lesbian?  Maybe bi-sexual.  I still don’t know what G.C. really got out of this experience, but I expect we’ll do it again.  I’m getting chill bumps thinking about what I might do with Amber next time.  Or maybe it will be a different girl.  Maybe now that he knows I’m okay with being with a woman, G.C. will feel okay about joining in.

Surely if I join forces with another girl, I’ll be able to satisfy G.C.

April 30

G.C. thinks I’m ready for bondage.  He tied me to his bed with silk scarves.  That was scary, but I was on the verge of orgasm as soon as he tied the first knot. 

Later, he brought out a whip and mask and I nearly freaked out.  Only to my surprise he put on the mask and wanted me to flog his ass.  I did, but I wouldn’t do it as hard as he wanted.  He jerked off while hollering for me to hit him harder.  I wouldn’t.  He sent me home early without making any effort to satisfy me.

I guess I disappointed him.

I don’t know what to do.  I don’t think I can get into that kind of stuff.  I pierced my pussy lip for him, but that’s about as much pain as I can handle.  I know he’s going to want to whip me and I can’t let that happen.  I won’t.

I love him and I know he loves me, but it may not work out. 

I missed my period a second time.  How could that happen?  I’ve been so careful.  If I’m pregnant, G.C. well never forgive me.  He doesn’t want kids.  He says he’s too old for kids.

The pressure is getting intense.  I may have to get away from here for awhile. 

Should I tell my sister?  No, she’d only worry and treat me like a little girl.  I can handle this—one way or the other.”

June 3

Splendid.  Absolutely glorious.  A wildfire continues raging across my body with the professor’s cock still buried deep in my ass.  His panting breaths of aftermath warm my neck.  It is so much better being a woman when it comes to lovemaking.  He is so quickly finished and I am still burning bright.  He is consumed by our mutual heat and I—I am fed by it.

Will I ever get enough?

I am moist with the remembering, with the writing of this entry.  I greatly doubt and sincerely hope that my thirst for sex will never be quenched.

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