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Hookups (Swinging Games: Book Two)

Swinging Games: HookupsSeries: Swinging Games, Book Two

Extasy Books: EBook

June, 2009      ASIN: B003XREY9A

Novella, 17,000 words

Cover by Martine Jardin


Friends with benefits—fantasies and new swinging hookups fuel the fire of lust and excitement, but what will happen to Jen and Brett’s marriage?


Heat Rating  Explicit sex: M/F, F/F; Ménage, F/F/M, four-way; anal sex; sex toys


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Fallen Angel Reviews: Five Angels. Hookups is a fun quick read full of sexual fantasies, lust and passion. If Adriana Kraft writes to entertain, she has succeeded with Hookups. The plot is interesting with an older couple hooking up with younger couples, then Brett’s unease about swinging with an older couple. In some ways it’s a story about trust, would you trust your partner with someone else? While the sex scenes are explicit, Ms. Kraft handles the content well. She has managed to write a unique love story with a twist. The characters are well rounded, each with their own idiosyncrasies that endear them to the reader. I’m interested to see if we are going to find out more about Jen and Brett and their band of merry swingers; I hope so. ~ Sandie


Naughty Little Vamp interviews the Swinging Games heroine, Jen Andrews!


Friends with benefits – a brand new world opens up for Jen and Brett Andrews in the enticing but unpredictable world of swinging. Will Pam and Rick be all they’ve hoped for? Will Tom and Linda disappear after chatting them up? What about Carl and Alice? Fantasies and new hookups fuel the fire of lust and excitement, but what will happen to their marriage?



Grinning at the instant messaging screen, Jen nodded.

You guys sound like lots of fun, Linda had written.

Jen hurriedly punched the keys. You guys do, too. We love your pics.

Thanks. Hope they aren’t too much for you. And thanks for opening your private pics for us. We particularly like the one with you discreetly showing some nipple.

Don’t know how discreet that was, but glad you like it.

Tom and I have a bet on as to who gets first dibs.

The women usually play first when we get together. Though that’s hardly a rule.

Sounds good to me. So did you have a favorite pic of us?

Jen’s brain turned to mush and she quickly flipped through the pics she’d copied. They were all stunning. Very erotic. Much more explicit than hers and Brett’s. Yessss. She hit the backspace to remove the extra S’s. The one with the blonde eating you and Tom in her from behind, doggie style. The soft focus makes it amazingly erotic.

Ummm. Nice choice. Would you like to trade places with Ellen—the blonde, that is?

Jen scrunched her shoulders together, but that didn’t help her aching nipples. Wasn’t that answer obvious? She hesitated and settled her fingers on the keyboard. Then she saw that Linda was typing again. She waited.

Hope that wasn’t too bold, but Tom and I have talked about that. After Linda’s husband took the pic, he joined us and I took him in my mouth. Do you think Brett might like that?

Not too bold, Jen hurriedly typed. And yes, Brett would like that—we’d both love it.

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