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Cindy’s Edible Body Paint Recipe

Turns out Cindy McGraw keeps a journal – here’s her entry the afternoon before Natalie Gardner comes over to try out tattoo designs, complete with Cindy’s recipe for edible body paints!


I’m so excited I can hardly stand it! I just hope I’m not reading Natalie wrong – but I think I’m on target. I know she wants to find out what a tattoo would look like. She’s been asking me about mine, and she knows I’ve got five of them. Hope she’ll want to see them all! Wonder where she’ll want to try out hers? Hopefully at least one on those luscious breasts.

Wonder if she has any clue how long I’ve been turning on to her when we do our massage therapy sessions? I really had to wait for her to make the first move to get together outside of the hospital where we work and I’m so glad she did!

I could hardly concentrate all afternoon, but I just had to get everything ready. I love body painting, the perfect combination of dabbling in art and erotic pleasure. At least it’ll get us naked – well, get her naked, anyway, and then I’ll have to hope! But I’m sure ready for next moves after that – what I didn’t tell her was, my body paints are edible! Thank goodness I found that easy recipe on line last year! So I spent the afternoon making the paints, selecting my colors and adding the flavors. Think I’ll copy the recipe in here, just so I won’t lose track of it:

Melt over low heat: 3 tbs. beeswax, 3 tbs. coconut oil and 3 tbs. cocoa butter. Remove the mixture from heat and add 1 tbs. honey powder (optional, but I always include it, nothing better than sweet body paint!), 1/2 tsp. any flavoring extract, and food coloring to suit. Of course that recipe would only make about half a cup of paint – I quadrupled it, then divided it into several bowls to mix my colors and add flavor, of course less than ½ teaspoon of flavor, since my bowls are smaller. I always put an old sheet over the massage table while I’m painting – these paints will stain fabric, so it’s important to get all clothing out of the way (how handy!). They’ll wash off in time, and of course they’re yummy to lick.

Hope that’s a recipe for success tonight!

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