A Taste of Ginger

The Cougar BookIn The Cougar Book, edited by Jolie Du Pré

Logical Lust Publications: Print and EBook

February, 2010      ISBN 978-1905091-57-7

Short story, 5000 words

Cover by Helen E. H. Madden


Abandoned by the friend who talked her into coming to the Swing Club, newly divorced Ginger Simpson panics when a stunning, much younger man approaches her. Will she bolt in terror – or will she choose the night of a lifetime?

Heat Rating  Explicit sex, M/F; controversial.






CoffeeTime Romance  A Taste of Ginger is a fabulous story of a successful coming together. The reader is left with the idea that this cougar and cub have potential for more than one night. Adriana Kraft writes an exceptional story full of possibilities. ~ Delane



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A Taste of Ginger offers an incredible night of decadence and sensuality for our newly divorced mid-life heroine, Ginger Nelson. Against her better judgment she’s let a co-worker talk her into an evening at a swing club. When Annette tells her a handsome young man at the bar is checking her out she wants to run the other way—but Annette abandons her to pursue her own interests, and Ginger must make her choice for the night of a lifetime!

The Cougar Book is a new and exciting anthology edited by Jolie du Pré celebrating Cougar women and their relationships. Grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and enjoy these 23 stories written by the top names in erotica: Rachel Kramer Bussel, Shanna Germain, Bill Brent, Madeline Moore, Jolene Hui, Emerald, D. L. King, Craig J. Sorensen, Jeremy Edwards, Donna George Storey, Sascha Illyvich, Heidi Champa, Tara S. Nichols, J. C. Wesner, Randall Lang, Adriana Kraft, Keeb Knight, Dona Lee, Doug Harrison, Brenna Lyons, Trish DeVene, Julia Barrett, and Blue Canyon.



Nathan’s fingers slid along the top of a bare thigh. Ginger swallowed hard but couldn’t find the energy to pull away.

He leaned over close to whisper in her ear. “Ginger, when I look at you I don’t see my mother.”

She didn’t have to look to know he was again looking down her blouse at her breasts. Damn Annette. No, she’d wanted to attract a man tonight—or at least, to tease one. This was her night to howl. But she’d wanted a silver haired man with a silver tongue. Not a boy younger than her youngest child.

“And,” Nathan continued, “I love how your nipples have grown twice in size since I’ve sat down here. Maybe they’re not as disinterested in me as you think.”

She pulled away and laced both hands around her wineglass for security. She had a decision to make. How far was she willing to go with Nathan the Youngster? His hand slid up her inner thigh. She tried to breathe. How could she have forgotten his hand? She’d been so eager to get away from his whispered words and warm breath.

“Why did you come to the club?” he asked softly. His hand stopped. “Don’t you find me a little bit attractive? I think you’re the most gorgeous woman in the house.”

“But I’m so old,” she protested, half heartedly.

“I love playing with an attractive, sexy, mature woman. Don’t you want to play with me?”

She couldn’t prevent a giggle. “Well, I can’t argue with the mature part.” She peeked around the room. As the night wore on more couples were becoming quite bold. More than one woman had her boobs bared and was grinding her crotch against a man. She wet her lips watching one woman gyrate between two men—one in front and one behind.

Following her line of sight, Nathan coaxed in her ear. “They’re having fun. So can we.” His hand started moving higher again.

She grabbed his hand before he found what he was searching for. “Not here. This is too public.”

“Of course.” Nathan stood and took her by the hand before she could change her mind. “I know a room that has plenty of privacy and is classy, befitting a lady like you.”

Ginger inhaled and took one more swallow of wine before throwing caution to the wind. She rose up on her toes to whisper in his ear. His fresh clean smell only served to embolden her.

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