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Daisy-PromoDaisy’s not looking for romance – she just wants to make sure she’s not still a virgin when she turns twenty-one in a few weeks, and she’s chosen Nick: safe, tender, always a gentleman, and someone who wont want or expect romance. She thinks…


Daisy gulped three deep breaths to clear her head. Seduction must be like swimming in the cold water of Lake Michigan. You had to dive in quickly, or you’d lose your nerve. She rapped on the door between their suites and turned the knob without waiting for a response.

“Hey kid,” Nick said, his eyes widening. He sat propped up on the king size bed with a folder on his lap. He wore pajama bottoms and nothing else. “I thought you went to bed an hour ago. I’ve been going over some dull reports.”

His eyes scrolled up and down her body. She couldn’t read the heavy emotion in them. She had on a thin nightgown and a robe which she hadn’t bothered to close. As he’d said on an earlier occasion, if she wanted to hide her wares she should remember to tie the sash. She wasn’t into hiding, not tonight.

“Damn,” Nick said, “I’ve never seen horse slippers; they’re sexy as hell.”

Daisy looked in horror at her slippers; blood rushed to her head. How juvenile they must appear! Cassie had bought them for her sixteenth birthday and she’d loved them. Although they’d worn out on more than one occasion, she’d sewed them up.They often provided solace. Would they be her undoing tonight?

Nick put the folders on the nightstand. “So what’s up? Still running on adrenalin? Can’t sleep? It was a terrific day.”

She saw his shoulder muscles tighten. Daisy tried to smile. She been bold, but now what? Those videos only showed people in bed, not how they got there. Be practical, girl, be straightforward had always been her grandmother’s advice. She didn’t know if her grandmother would approve of what she was doing, but that was probably the best advice she was going to get. “I need your help,” she blurted out. “I need you to make me a woman.” She remained standing just inside the doorway; her escape route was handy if she failed.



When the chips are down, there’s nobody there. Willowy blond Daisy Matthews has survived the Chicago streets with this mantra but is unprepared for the much older Nick Underwood’s urgent pursuit. The wealthy businessman receives a thoroughbred in payment for a bad debt and is thrust into Daisy’s world. She teaches him about horse racing; he teaches her about love. When Daisy’s seamy brother-in-law threatens Nick’s safety, she doggedly tries to stop him by herself, but flees to the familiar streets when he attacks. Can Nick find her in time – and if he does, will she still want him?


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Paloma Beck on Tour ~ The Home Series

Rachel Porter, a romance writer, has told her three sons tales of finding their true soul mate since they were just boys. She lives with the belief that there is but one match for every person. Now as men, they have yet to discover their soul mates. That is, until they come home…

Ryan Porter, Rachel’s oldest son, needs a change from his busy city lifestyle. After five years of living in New York and establishing his own real estate firm, something is still missing. When a family tragedy brings Ryan back to his family’s rural home, he meets Tyra. She just might be the catalyst for the change he needs, redirecting the course of his life. But first he must accept his relationship with his parents and embrace Tyra’s secrets.

I have a story to tell, a story I promised never to tell. Hell, it isn’t even one I wanted to live through. I just can’t keep it inside anymore… now that they’re both gone. I have to tell My Story.
Rachel Porter tells her sons about the love of her life, about their father and about their life together. This novella tells the story of the beginning of the Porter family through the Vietnam War, too many losses and a new beginning. It’s a tale her sons won’t forget, and one that could change them for all time.


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Paloma Beck is a Romance Author living a life of contradiction… she’s a happily married carpooling mom writing steamy romance. It’s almost naughty but she loves it! Paloma writes both contemporary and paranormal romances that are anything but PG. She published her first book in 2012 and hasn’t slowed down since. Look for more information on her Website.
With her husband and three sons, the Blue Ridge mountains have been her home for nearly twenty years. There’s still a special place in her heart though for New England where she spent her childhood. The lakes of Maine call her name and someday she hopes to find her way back there.
“There’s just nothing like sipping coffee in the morning out on a dock. As an admitted caffeine and book addict, I believe a daily dose of espresso and a good book make any day better.”
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Get Hooked on Daisy and Nick #MFRWHooks

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Daisy and Nick are at a Cubs game – her first live baseball game. Who’s going to come out on top?


“I didn’t realize there was so much strategy involved in baseball,” Daisy said. “Games were on the TV at the group home, but I never bothered to watch. Looked too boring.”

“Boring! There’s as much strategy in baseball as in horse racing. Hell, there’s strategy in anything worth pursuing.”

Daisy grinned broadly, reached over and squeezed Nick’s thigh, then placed her other hand on his neck and her lips close to his ear. “Old man, you overwhelm me with wisdom far beyond my years. I’ll bet there’s a lot more you could share, if you wanted to.”

Covering her hand with his, Nick lifted it and returned it to her lap. His fingers brushed her inner thigh; he jerked away as if he’d been singed by a blazing fire.

He awkwardly rose from his seat. “I’ve got to make a call. You want anything more to eat?”

“No, I’m fine. You’re not going to leave me here alone for long are you?”

Nick sighed; his shoulders slouched. “Kid, I don’t have the faintest idea what I’m going to do with you.”

~ ~ ~ ~

Willow-Smoke-eBook-webWhen the chips are down, there’s nobody there. Willowy blond Daisy Matthews has survived the Chicago streets with this mantra but is unprepared for the much older Nick Underwood’s urgent pursuit. “Suspenseful, intriguing and truly romantic! What a fabulous story of the blending of two worlds” Risha C, Goodreads Reviewer






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