“Camping” in the North Woods


Gotta love it! An eight hour drive yesterday to northern Wisconsin, where family members have a cabin on a fishing lake. We brought our motorhome and are parked on the side of their driveway. Yesterday, stifling heat all day, high humidity, no relief.

Last night, a powerful thunderstorm.

This morning – power is off. I had to get inventive with the coffee pot (which is an electric drip pot) – so I boiled water on the stove and poured it slowly through the drip basket. Ah, that first cup of coffee never tasted so good!

Now I’m sitting “camped” in the north woods, typing on my computer (which has a full battery charge) and hooked up to the internet with my wi-fi hot spot, also with a full battery charge.

Worst case scenario? If the power doesn’t come back on, we can start the generator, and we’ve got a full tank of gas.

Camping isn’t what it used to be!

For the record, we’ve spent our fair share of time sleeping on the hard ground in sleeping bags and dodging the rain, including a memorable outing at this same location when our tent blew over in the middle of the night, with our family in it…

And also a confession – this is an old pic, from a trip up here early in the autumn. Haven’t taken any pics yet this year.

Here’s to a happy Fourth of July for everyone!


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