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Stay Sexy ~ No sex after forty??

No Sex after Forty!


I’m sure we’re playing right into Miley Cyrus’s hands – her interview with Matt Lauer on The Today Show was seven days ago, and here we are still talking about it. That’s what she wants, so she’s succeeded.

She told him she’d heard things went downhill after forty, and that, being fifty-five, he definitely wasn’t “sexual.” Here’s a LINK to the six minute clip of their conversation, in case you missed it:

More power to her—she’s a successful, talented and focused artist.

At twenty.

Which is why we’re taking this on. Probably when I was twenty, I had no clue what people over forty or even older did with their sex lives, if I thought about it at all. But what I don’t want is kids in their twenties thinking it’ll be all over by the time they’re not even halfway through their allotted years. That’s a lot of empty years to be contemplating.

So here’s great news from the other end of the spectrum—just yesterday, we learned that TV star Suzanne Somers, sixty-six, has sex daily with her seventy-seven year old husband. Not just once, but twice a day! Here’s the LINK to that report.

The thing is, if we expect that sex will cease after forty, we can easily create a self fulfilling prophecy.  Will things change, sexually? Is it true (as Miley said) that things tend to go downhill after forty? Of course. Our bodies change, our libido  can morph in the wrong direction, our needs are different and our endurance might shift.

But if we liked sex in our twenties and thirties, there’s no reason to give it up, long past forty. Hubs and I, in our sixties, are still learning and trying out new things. And even though it might be TMI, I’m here to say that yes, we do something sexual together every day, and I, for one, am enjoying my body far more than when I was Miley’s age.

So Rock On, Suzanne Somers – and for all our readers out there, have fun, and Stay Sexy!

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