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This Wild Man can be Gentle… #MSS176 #MFRWAuthor

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday Week 176, where authors tease you with seven sentences or paragraphs from their sexy stories!


This week’s theme is My Sexy Wild: “Ever met someone who is just so wild and sexy, you want to keep them? Yeah, this week is about those wild and sexy significant others!”


Threatened race horses, city slicker attorney, sexy California wrangler—what can possibly go wrong?

Detour Ahead

Riders Up, Book Four

Romantic Suspense

We think Scott McCord from Detour Ahead  fills the bill quite nicely. Traci Steele is as skittish as the horses he spends his time gentling, so he knows just how to focus his wildness to rein her in…


Here’s their first kiss:


Traci tried to breathe. His mustache was so soft it felt like a hundred feathers tickling her upper lip. She wanted more of him, but he maintained a glacial pace. She stood on her toes, but he only nibbled like a mouse at a piece of cheese in a trap. And then she felt him pull her close. His mouth was on hers. She opened her mouth greedily. His tongue entered without further invitation. She’d never been kissed so thoroughly. Reciprocating, Traci wet his mustache with her tongue. And then she bruised his lips with her own. Since when had she become the aggressor?


Night Owl Reviews Top Pick This is a story about letting go of your past so you can move on to your future…Add into this touching story of recovery a mystery that will keep you guessing to the very end, and you’ve got a story you won’t be able to put down. Angi


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Sexy from the back row… #MSS175 #MySexySaturday #MFRWAuthor

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday Week 175, where authors tease you with seven sentences or paragraphs from their sexy stories!


This week’s theme is “Sexy About Town—perhaps at your local cafe, the gym, where you work…what if you’re a professor, and she turns up in your lecture hall?


Whose mask will crumble first—

the enigmatic professor of Celtic Studies,

the undercover cop masquerading as a co-ed,

or the campus stalker, biding his time to strike again?


Romantic Suspense

Four flames   Explicit sex: m/f




So who was the mystery woman? Matt Bayfield gathered his notes and glanced toward the newcomer standing in the rear of the lecture hall. He’d been offering this lecture series for nearly a year, roughly every six weeks. This fall, only three freshmen had inquired about last year’s handouts. The dark-haired female in the back wasn’t one of them.

Odd that she’d sit in the last row, because most women, especially those as comely as the co-ed with full lips and watchful eyes, wanted to sit up front to impress him—as if he were looking. He didn’t expect to be hanging around Trillium, Minnesota long enough to develop any romantic interests. And he had an ironclad rule against such liaisons with students.

Nonetheless, the woman in the bulky gray sweater and black slacks didn’t fit. Matt prided himself on having honed some keen observation skills in his fieldwork as a sociologist. The other students chattered with one another. The interloper remained silent and observant, almost aloof.

Bayfield recoiled. Aloof—that was what Carol Macy accused him of being. He’d found it ironic that it was his lesbian colleague who seemed most concerned about his lack of romantic relationships. Her periodic nagging was an irritant he chose to put up with because he counted Carol as his best friend at Blackthorn College—one of few.

He shrugged into a tweed sports jacket. Snapping his briefcase closed, he looked up into two of the most calculating gray eyes he’d ever encountered. They belonged to the woman from the back row.

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It’s Definitely Raining #MSS174 #MySexySaturday #MFRWAuthor

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday Week 174! This week’s theme is My Sexy Rainy Afternoon.

Hubs and I love rainy afternoons, especially when we don’t have to go anywhere or do anything specific. We’ll just leave you with that image and hope you take advantage of your own opportunities…

Tracy’s rainy afternoon hardly starts out romantic – but it’s going to send her life into a complete 180 and turn it upside down. Here’s how it all got started:

Threatened race horses, city slicker attorney, sexy California wrangler—what can possibly go wrong?


Traci Steele peered through the rain-splattered windshield of her rental car trying to focus on the taillights ahead. She’d climbed the foothills east of San Diego for nearly an hour. Abruptly, the traffic slowed to a snail’s pace.

Why so slow? The rain was letting up some. Traci loosened her grip on the steering wheel to rub first one forearm and then the other.

She squinted trying to read the orange road sign. Damn. The sign grew clearer with each few feet she advanced: Detour Ahead.

A lanky deputy sheriff leaned down to answer her unasked question. “Sorry, ma’am, the road is closed. We had an oil tanker jackknife and roll on the slick pavement. This road likely won’t be reopened until sometime tomorrow.”

“I’m headed for Buteo. To the Live Oak Resort.”

“No problem. Just stay on this route we’re sending traffic over.” The deputy gestured toward the narrow road to Traci’s right. “About a mile down that road you’ll have an option to come back to the main road you’re on now. Don’t take it. This detour is actually a short cut to Buteo, and the views can be spectacular. Just don’t try going too fast.”

“Thanks.” Traci nodded, raking fingers through her hair. “I won’t be rushing on these roads.”

She took the right-hand turn. A small paint-chipped sign read Buteo Canyon Road. Another stated Open Range. What did that mean?

Three miles farther the road climbed sharply. It twisted and wove its way through deep ravines and across a dried-up creek bed. A bright yellow sign proclaimed Dip Subject to Flooding. Easing closer, she looked up and down the ravine as far as she could see, then sped across. Safe, for the moment, anyway.


She won’t be safe for long…

Hot-shot Chicago prosecuting attorney Traci Steele works tirelessly keeping rapists off the street to prevent other women from suffering the hell she’s endured, so she resists her friends’ insistence that she take a two month R&R in their California Live Oak condo—until they persuade her to help their rancher friend as a private investigator

Though he runs the stables at Live Oak, well-muscled mustached wrangler Scott McCord much prefers working with the race horses he trains at his ranch, and he can’t believe his old friends have sent a greenhorn female to help him with horse troubles.

The improbable dance between this mismatched pair barely fits in around the escalating suspense of whoever’s after Scott’s horses. Traci is as tenacious in her sleuthing as she is terrified about her inability to ever love a man. Can Scott succeed in gentling her – like he does his horses – before she flees in panic?


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Detour Ahead is Book Four in our Riders Up series, set in the horse racing industry. We’re featuring some of our Romantic Suspense at My Sexy Saturday in anticipation of our upcoming Romantic Suspense release, The Painter is a Lady, scheduled for March 17 at Extasy books!

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