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With a nod to Fifty Shades, at #AVN

Who knew! Hubs and I write erotic romance for two, three, or more, and we also love watching adult videos (and would love to see some of our stories on the silver screen). So we’re here in Las Vegas, getting ready to attend the AVN Fan Expo this afternoon – way excited, I can tell you!

But who knew the adult movie industry would credit a recent uptick in sales of toys and adult films to a book, of all things? Here’s a LINK to the article hubs just found, from the Yahoo Financial page.

A couple brief quotes from the post:

From Kristen Tribby, Director of Marketing for The Pleasure Chest:

“It’s not the quality of the book [Fifty Shades of Grey], but rather the conversations surrounding the book that continue to make it something of a phenomenon,” Tribby said. “It’s really changed the way people look at sex. … And for us, it’s really made the mainstream start to take us as an industry more seriously.”

from James Deen, adult film star:

“People, as we evolve, are becoming more sexually open and more socially acceptable of sex.”

But that’s not all. Industry retailers are noting an increasing trend in women and especially baby boomers seeking high-quality toys and entertainment. One toy maker, Maia, is already targeting women and plans a new line for boomers. Don’t laugh, please – a major feature will be larger buttons to operate the toys. I, for one, will be grateful – those tiny buttons can be hard to manage, especially if there’s any lube involved and they get slippery.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a report from our afternoon at the Expo – can’t wait!



Sex Positivity, continued.

Every morning I troll my FaceBook “Likes” looking for posts to share with readers. Hubs and I write erotic romance together because we love it, we love great sex, and we want to be part of helping our readers not only find hot spicy reads, but expecially find joy and pleasure in their sexuality.

Two posts crossed my path this morning and they kind of go together. The first is from Life On The Swingset – a real-life swinger who is blogging about his journey in the lifestyle. He came out about his poly lifestyle to a friend, and it cost him the friendship. Here’s the blog LINK. Go like his Facebook Page, if you’re looking for a window into the poly lifestyle.

The very next post in my feed was from The Pleasure Coach (another page I highly recommend you “like”) – it was the graphic below:

So I always reach back to the Sex Positivity credo (with a shout-out to sex blogger Charlie Glickman) when I run into these things: There are only three criteria for judging any sexual act.

  1. that it takes place among consenting adults
  2. that it brings pleasure to the participants
  3. that it brings no harm to anyone involved.

That’s it. Period. No judgment, no censure, no shame in someone else’s choices, as long as it meets these criteria.

So that’s my hope, on this mid-January day in 2013.

Go have some intensely erotic, normal fun!


It’s a Tough Job…

But somebody’s got to do it!

“Research,” I mean. No, not that kind, though hubs and I enjoy our share of that, too.

I’m talking about combing the web every morning for the latest tips, guides, and resources to spice up your sex life. Of course, we hope you include sharing sizzling scenes from our erotic romances – that’s why we write them, after all.

When we find something we like, we share it on our Facebook PAGEhop over there and “like” us to feed our finds into your Facebook newstream.

Already we love how this is enriching our own life. I’m an early riser, so most mornings by the time I take my husband his first cup of coffee, my brain is buzzing with sexy ideas I’ve found and I’m ready to plot new scenes and stories (or activities :)). We’re sure finding more ideas than we’ll be able to try out in one lifetime – but we’ll bring you the best of them, and sometimes also blog about them.

One of our faves is the Good Vibrations online magazine, The Buzz, at http://goodvibesblog.com. This morning, they had some great tips for staying present during sex – you know, not leaving our bodies or making the holiday to-do list or fostering anxious thoughts that take us away from the pleasure of the moment.

It’s a fabulous article packed with good advice. My personal favorite (and one I practice regularly) is #3: “Third, before sex, spend 30 minutes to an hour doing whatever makes you feel hot.” This can be a marvelous prelude to set the mood and ramp up the eroticism. It can be whatever works for you – perhaps a soothing bubble bath, your favorite adult videos, a massage with scented oils, or reading a spicy erotic scene, alone or together.

Here’s the link – enjoy!


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