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Stay healthy? Here’s hoping! As we’ve been evaluating our purpose and focusing our writing and marketing energies after our three month break, we recognized that our highest value, what we prize most in life, is health. It undergirds everything else. Without it, none of the things we value and enjoy are possible.

We work hard to stay healthy. We eat a balanced diet, use fresh foods, and avoid excessive sugars. We spend at least ten to fifteen hours a week in some form of exercise, including core strengthening, weights and aerobics. We exercise our brains through staying curious, studying new things that interest us, traveling, learning new dances, working puzzles and playing brain games. No matter how hard we’re working, we take breaks, relax, get out and enjoy nature, and just chill. And yes, having hot sex is on that list.

When we were younger, I think we were more likely to take health for granted. Well into the second half of our lives, we know it’s a precious resource. We’re passionate about this, and we’ll be sharing more about this passion in future blog posts. Stay tuned.

A sample of what we love about staying healthy: Hiking at Bell Rock, Sedona, last January.

Adriana Sedona Hike 2015


Stay Sexy ~ Sometimes you have to follow the rules.

Hubs and I write erotic romance together. It goes without saying that we like to bend a lot of rules or sometimes even break them. But I’m learning a lot this week, post eye-surgery, about when to break them and when not to.

It turns out I didn’t receive as many restrictions as I feared – thanks to a very skilled surgeon and catching the condition early, I presume. Some patients have to spend weeks or even a month maintaining a face-down position after retinal surgery, and I was spared that, for which I’m very grateful.

So the rules are few, but rigid:

No lifting over ten pounds for a week. That’s a little more than a gallon of milk (at 8 pounds). Can I guage that? Not so sure. Yesterday evening when we walked down to the lake, I moved a plastic Adirondack chair. I hope it wasn’t too heavy – I was rewarded shortly afterward with the view below.

Lake Sawyer Moon 08 08 14

Confession, ex-post-facto. I just looked up the chair on line – it weighs 7.25 pounds, so I was safe.

No bending at the waist for a week. I’m not sure I ever stopped to think how many simple household tasks automatically involve bending – anything that needs picking up off the floor, for example. I’m trying, I truly am. Step One: Pay Attention!

Exercise. I knew this would be the hardest one and was fearful for my mood and overall attitude if I couldn’t work out at all. No workouts yet, but for the first week, walking is permitted – so we’re taking three nice walks a day, and I only struggled with mood issues the first twenty-four hours. Can’t go dancing yet, but it won’t be long.

Yup, I’m sticking to the rules on this one, as best I can. My reward? A truly miraculous improvement in my vision. Definitely worth it.


Stay Sexy ~ Do Something Different

Want to stay vibrant, healthy, exciting and sexy across the life cycle?

Here’s what it takes:

Think differently.

Do something different.

Keep on doing it.

Not new, not earth shaking, not something I haven’t said in my own way, but I ran across it yesterday in a place I wouldn’t have looked for it.

I follow (and hardly ever miss reading) Bob Mayer’s blog – initially because I heard him speak with Jennifer Crusie and I read the books they wrote together, then because he was a pioneer in indie publishing, and because I started reading and love his solo fiction. Here’s a shout-out to Duty, Honor, Country and The Jefferson Allegiance. Great reads.

He’s a West Point graduate with a Special Forces career, and he draws on that experience to write his fiction and run his life. Truly. He’s been a traditionally published best-selling author, but he saw the wave of change coming and established an indie publishing house for his back list, his new releases, and a few additional brave authors. Lots of traditional authors got swamped by the wave – he’s still riding it, and thriving.

So when he says something, I pay attention.

The opening line to his blog yesterday was “If I’m not where I want to be, then I must change.” Exactly. How do we do that? We all have the same basic material to work with – think differently, do something different, keep on doing it. Not new. What was new (to me) was the meta-analysis: in order to make a change, it helps if we know which of these three steps is most difficult for us. Then we can focus our energy on figuring out why that step is our barrier, and doing something about that.

For me, #3 is the bugaboo: sustaining the change. My something different is my twelve minute morning workout. That means I have to do the same “different” thing every morning, and some mornings I just don’t feel like it.

I’ve learned I need a huge laundry list of reasons that can get me up off the couch and moving, a combination of sticks and carrots. Some mornings, frankly, it’s vanity. I really like looking trim and fit. Sometimes it’s my osteopenia – the fear of ending up someday in a nursing home with a broken hip. Often it’s the specter of Alzheimer’s – my gene pool is just loaded with good reasons to sustain the change. Right now I’m rehabbing  an injured knee, and if nothing else gets me going, the knowledge that I’ll have less knee pain later in the day works just fine. Sometimes, even, it’s knowing that I’ll be writing this Stay Sexy blog post every week: accountability. And on a really good morning, it’s just knowing how very good I feel all day when I’ve started my day with the core routine.

I’ll close with his closing words. I highly recommend reading his entire post.

“Sustained action equals change.  Sustained action is training.  Sustained action brings about new, healthy and productive habits.”

Have fun, and Stay Sexy.

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