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If you’re sex positive, you won’t want to miss CatalystCon next year, and you can catch it on the East Coast in the Spring or the West Coast in the Fall.

This year’s West Coast session is just wrapping up in Woodland Hills, CA—I couldn’t go, but the hashtag #ccon gave me a window on the fabulous presentations and conversations.

Here are some of the best tweets. I’ve left some hashtags on so you can follow the topics that interest you.

Sex positivity and Shame

Bree Ervin ‏@thinkbanned15h No such thing as normal. Wrap your head around it and sex positivity just comes to you. @charlieglickman

The UnSlut Project ‏@UnSlutProject17h Being around people who are accepting helps disarm internal shame.

Arthaey Angosii ‏@arthaey17h “I’ve stopped shaming people who don’t enjoy active lifestyles. People have different priorities.”

Gender and sexuality

Charlie Glickman ‏@charlieglickman19h “Sexual orientation is about who you go to bed with, not who you go to bed as.” Love this! #cconyouth

Charlie Glickman ‏@charlieglickman19h Too many people assume that gender variance is the same as sexual orientation. That needs to stop. #cconyouth

Charlie Glickman ‏@charlieglickman19h Gender variance is about the person. Sexual orientation is about who they’re attracted to. One doesn’t imply the other, #cconyouth

Charlie Glickman ‏@charlieglickman19h Assigned sex is based on a glance of an infant’s genitals. Affirmed gender is someone’s chosen identity. #cconyouth

Charlie Glickman ‏@charlieglickman19h “big strong boy” & “cute little girl” The gender binary starts before birth. “What color are you painting the nursery?” #cconyouth

Open/Poly relationships

Janine @OpenJanine We are part of one community: ethical non-monogamists. —@swingsetlife #cconswing

The Transient ‏@_TheTransient_19h Non monogamy is growing. Expect new terms and sub-cultures!

The Transient ‏@_TheTransient_19h There’s enough non monogamous types now to start causing a fuss. Let’s start a political party!

Adriana Kraft ‏@AdrianaKraft19h Love this word: Monogamish RT @u_experience: #Monogamish #Cconswing

Dr. Leanna Wolfe @DrLeannaWolfe #cconswing So much easier for swingers to lay low than poly, gay, trans and most kink

Feminist Porn

Arthaey Angosii ‏@arthaey19h “Feminist porn: real people having real sex and having real orgasms while they do it.” #cconporn

Arthaey Angosii ‏@arthaey19h “Feminist porn show things mainstream porn tends not to show: connection and chemistry and power and identity.” #cconporn

The UnSlut Project ‏@UnSlutProject19h Feminist porn is like feminism itself bc there’s difference w/in the movement, but that does not = contradiction. @TristanTaormino #cconporn

Joan Price ‏@JoanPrice19h RT @LiberateDesire: Inspiring, revolutionary Sex positive, feminist culture producers: @JackieStrano @TristanTaormino @LynnComella #cconporn

Joan Price ‏@JoanPrice18h The porn I want to watch doesn’t exist – sexy, empowered #seniorsex. Lynn & Tristan say I shld make it happen.

~ ~ ~

I ended with this last tweet because I am so excited about it – what do you think: Would you like to see sexy, empowered senior sex in adult videos? I’d love to hear specifics about what you’d want to see in senior porn!

Have fun, and Stay Sexy!


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