Stay Sexy – Really??


How do you stay sexy when you’re dog tired? I shouldn’t complain – my exhaustion stems from a good thing (I hope). We’re in the throes of putting our house on the market so we can resume our full time travels in our motorhome. We’ve signed with an agent, she gave us a “to do” list and we’ve been busting our butts sorting and tossing and packing and selling and de-cluttering and spackling and painting and carrying and…

And, the last thing on my mind, most of the time most days, is staying sexy. There. I said it. I flunked!

I know what I would tell anyone else in this spot – perspective, and balance.

Perspective means remembering that for the last five glorious months we got a chance to taste what our future will be once we’ve emptied the house and downsized our belongings. We spent November through March living simply in our house on wheels and traveling to follow our interests and our climate of choice. It’s kind of like having dessert first – now we’ve got to eat our vegetables (which is silly, really, since I like vegetables). But keeping my focus fixed on what those five months felt like helps me tolerate what feels like a seismic shift in our daily life.

Perspective also means realizing the current state of our life is temporary. Hubs has long been fond of the saying this too will pass. We won’t be pushed like this forever. Actually, the agent will come take photos Monday and will bring other agents to tour the house on Wednesday, so the rush of intense preparation to showcase the house will in fact be done in three more days.

Balance is actually even harder for me than keeping perspective. Balance means I’ve got to stop and replenish often enough that I don’t let myself get dog tired in the first place. Running ourselves into the ground compromises our immune systems, makes us more prone to illness, and in general depletes our health and our resources. I’ll get nothing done if I’m sick. Several times a day I need to stop and breathe, stretch, read, relax, maybe even take a power nap. Haven’t been following those instructions very well, but I’m hoping that fessing up on these pages and writing about it will help me do better down the home stretch.

I’d love to hear from you – how do YOU stay vibrant, healthy, excited and sexy when the pressure’s on?


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