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Having just danced the night away instead of staying home and writing this blog last night, I thought I’d follow up on last week’s Stay Sexy post, It’s Hard Work.

It is hard work. And some of that hard work isn’t any fun. I know, the hard work pays off in rewards we will get later on, but sometimes it’s just hard to stay motivated for long term benefits.

So whenever possible, find something you like to do for your aerobic workouts. That’ll be different for each of us. I love bicycle riding outdoors – I have a friend who’d much rather work out on her dependable elliptical, where she doesn’t have to deal with other riders or traffic, and she can stay buried in her favorite novel while she’s working out. No judgment implied. You have to identify what works for you.

That said, here are a few ideas that might just be enough fun to draw us off that couch and into aerobic activity.


Take a walk or a hike. Walk for several blocks in your neighborhood. Walk with a buddy or best friend, and enjoy the conversation. Walk a nature trail. Here is something I would have missed if I’d stayed indoors – just off the trail, and we had our new binoculars with us, with a built in camera.

Get in the water

Swimming is excellent aerobic exercise. Just going for a swim isn’t going to pull me off the couch, but it might work for you, if you love it. What does get me in the water is group water aerobics. The class is fun, the workout is smooth and gentle but no less effective, and in the water I can start to feel as graceful as I once felt taking ballet as a little girl. Not gonna do those arabesques on land any more, probably, but in the water? Perfect!


Hubs and I were out on the dance floor off and on for four hours last night, to music that ranged from the sixties to yesterday, rock, country, disco, pop, hip hop… I don’t think they left anything out.

Listen to the music

This option has been around for decades – whatever aerobic activity you’re engaged in, pop your favorite music in your ears and rock on. Time can fly by if you’re on that elliptical or treadmill. If you’re out-of-doors, just be careful if you’re out of doors and need to be able to hear traffic to stay safe.

Jog or Run

I almost didn’t add this because my days of high-impact aerobics are over, but if that’s not something that compromises your joint health, absolutely. Go for it! Explore the walking/running trails in your community, hit the track at a local school, and let the wind fly by your ears.

Take it Outside

Almost any aerobic exercise can be done outside, where you can listen to the birds, watch a sunrise or sunset, watch the waves crash on the beach, hear the wind in the trees, or whatever other aspect of our incredible natural world suits your fancy.

Those are just a few – I’d love to hear some of your favorites.

Have fun, and Stay Sexy!



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