Stay Sexy ~ From the Heart


Stay Sexy ~ From the Heart

A couple weeks back I wrote about my success with bone density loss prevention, which will definitely help with staying sexy. Today I’m reporting for my other half, who is a cardiac patient.

If he didn’t have heart problems, we probably wouldn’t be writing erotic romance together. The fact that his life has felt at risk gave rise to our motto if not now, when? and has led us to take risks and explore new dimensions we might never have attempted otherwise.

We just spent the past three months in our former Iowa home, putting it on the market and (thankfully) selling it, in order to morph into full time RVers, living in our motorhome to write, edit, market, and travel. Part of our Iowa sojourn included full medical checkups for both of us. The exciting news is that six years after his triple bypass, my husband’s risk of death from heart problems has dropped to equal that of the general population.

Does this mean he doesn’t have heart disease anymore? Not by a long shot: the same genetics that got him in trouble will reach right out and grab him if he doesn’t keep doing, every day, all the things that have led to this miraculous change. So we thought we’d share what those things are:

CARDIO: At least six days out of seven, 30 to 40 minutes (often more) of cardio workout. Sometimes we bike. Sometimes we hit a gym with treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes, stair steppers. Sometimes we dance. Most days we also take a 15-30 minute walk.

STRENGTH TRAINING: Two to three days a week, strength training/resistance workouts.

DIET:  We eat very little that comes in a can or box (well, apart from morning whole-grain cereal). Fresh fruit, at least three a day. Fresh veggies – two to three a day, sometimes more. Nuts, yogurt, popcorn (high in fiber, low in fat), nothing deep-fat fried, smaller meat portions. If we have dessert at all, it’s usually fruit, perhaps with yogurt or low-fat milk.

MEDICATION: He faithfully takes his small daily dose of a statin and a beta blocker. To that he adds a few carefully selected supplements.

STRESS REDUCTION: This is a biggie, and also a genetic vulnerability in his family. Taking a mid-day break, finding an occupation he enjoys (writing erotic romance comes to mind), accessing some yoga stretches and poses, spending more time relaxing on purpose and not just by chance.

SEX: Having sex three days a week or more (yes, we practice what we preach, hooray for that!), at least a little sexual contact daily, lots of cuddling, holding hands, physical contact.

He and I have often joked over the last several years that his first and most important job is simply staying alive, making sure he does all the things on this list so we can be together a long time and enjoy each other. I’m thrilled with his job performance – lovin’ the life I live.

Have fun, and Stay Sexy!


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  1. That is awesome!! I wish you both the best of luck! Enjoy your travels and each other. 😉

    • Tina B
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  2. AWESOME post, Adriana! Great tips. So glad your hubby is doing so well – keep up the good (and sexy!) work.

  3. Thanks so much, Lynda – it still feels like a miracle. With lots of hard work attached 🙂

    • Adriana Kraft
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