Sunday Six ~ First Kiss


Six sentences from Ripening Passion


Max set down his wine glass and peered at her. His eyes gleamed and sparkled. “I think I have enough energy to manage a kiss.”

Claire held his gaze, then tipped her chin in invitation. He leaned over and nibbled at the corner of her mouth. Only their lips touched.


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26 Responses to “Sunday Six ~ First Kiss”

  1. Wonderfully playful and sensual. Thank you! a great six.

  2. Thanks, Alix!

    • adrianakraft
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  3. Very, very sensual Adriana- I like when the littlest touches, caresses and kisses occur

    • Thanks, Dawne – I love this moment with these two characters. It’s hard for Claire to let her guard down and be vulnerable…

      • adrianakraft
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  4. Okay. Now I’m going to have to find out what else is going on here.

    • OOO, I hope you do! This is just the beginning…

      • adrianakraft
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  5. Playful and sexy!

    • Thanks, Graylin! Playful goes a long way between these two characters.

      • adrianakraft
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  6. Very sweet moment with a promise of more. Good job.

  7. Very sensual. Makes me wonder what’s going to happen next.

  8. Thanks, Ursula and Karenna – that’s what every author wants to hear, that we’ve left you wanting more!

    • adrianakraft
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  9. Sweet kiss, nice six! 😉

    • Thanks, Nichelle – Claire would not be pleased (at this stage of her journey) – only a few pages earlier she’s quoted as saying “I don’t do sweet.” Guess she’s got some changes coming…

      • adrianakraft
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  10. i like this Adriana, very sensual!

  11. Tantalizing! Great Six…

  12. Thanks, Sharita and Laura!

    • adrianakraft
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  13. Nice! I like the sensuality that’s brought through by only their lips touching.

  14. nicely done Adriana, sexy, and tantalizing.

  15. Great opening…let’s see the rest of that kiss. 😉

  16. Nice scene! LIke the line about having enough energy for a kiss. That was the hook for me.

  17. A great Six

  18. Only enough energy to manage a kiss. Doesn’ t look she’s going to get him tonight

    • Oh, looks can be so deceiving – Max is quite the tease…

      • adrianakraft
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  19. Very sensual and playful. Nicely done. 🙂

  20. Very sensual six – loved it! 🙂

  21. Oh very nice and it fits with your title so well–ripening passion. Great six!


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