Where in the world is Adriana Kraft? #MFRWAuthor


We took a break. From March through May, we opted out of nearly everything on social media. Lots of reasons, most of them good – travels, family events, and other priorities.

We used this time to sit back and examine what kind of social media presence makes sense for us: What feeds our soul? (Yes, if it ultimately doesn’t do that, it’s no longer on the list). What do we care about? How is our passion connected not only to our books, but to our online presence?

We’re not finished sorting all that out, but we’re ready to re-enter the arena.

We’ll activate our blog again – perhaps not daily, but frequently. We’ll post about things that interest us. We’ll feature authors whose work we admire. And yes, once in a while we’ll blog about books we’re working on and post excerpts. Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter posts will reflect those same things.

Oh, and what are those interests?

Hot sex across the entire life cycle.

Sex positivity.

Equality and respect for the LGBTQ community.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

To answer the question where in the world we are, a sample from our travels. While staying in Santa Fe, we drove out to Ghost Ranch, where Georgia O’Keeffe lived and painted for so many years, and hiked the trail to Chimney Rock. At each turn of the trail, we were treated to the landscapes she loved so much and painted so often. Here are two of them, accompanied by photos of her paintings, from the Georgia O’Keeffe museum (Santa Fe) and the New Orleans Museum of Art.

E_on the trail BV


L_across the valley RBC


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