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Menagerie a Trois by Kellie Kamryn @KellieKamryn #MFRWAuthor #Menage


A hilarious, sexy romp that was inspired from – of all things – a conversation with my mother! My mom and I were having fun one day talking about a double wedding taking place at a campground where we were staying, and from that I got the idea to set a series of stories in a small town where kinky things happen. The first book features Kat and Evan – an animal lover and her veterinarian. Disaster strikes at every turn for their first date, but as love grows, things sort themselves out, and Kat has a fantasy fulfilled that allows her to explore her bisexual nature. What more could a woman want?


When Kat gets a new kitty, she asks the vet to play.

Dubbed the Kat Lady by her roommate, Kat Munroe admits to an ulterior motive for rescuing strays—a chance to visit the cute Dr. Evan Cole at the vet clinic. He makes her heart purr as much as her kittens do. Determined to ask him out before he thinks she’s some crazy cat woman, Kat works up her courage for the next visit.

Evan Cole doesn’t see many females other than the ani-mal variety at his veterinary clinic. Always a believer that the right woman will walk into his life someday, he made everything else—vet school, his career—a priority over searching for love. But from the day Kat Munroe walks through the door with a stray feline rescue, his heart beats to see her again. His dilemma—how to create the perfect romantic date when you’re clueless about dating?

When they finally go on a date, disaster strikes at every turn. Will they be able to handle the menagerie? Or will they decide that more isn’t merrier?


Evan released her hand and gestured toward a blanket that lay on the ground. “A midnight picnic under the stars?”

Kat beamed at him. “Sounds romantic.”

Evan sat down, tugging on Kat’s hand for her to join him. He set the bags down and opened them. In silence for a few minutes, they ate the cold meal. Evan relaxed back, lying down on the blanket with his hands behind his head. Kat stared down at him, and in the light from the flashlight, their eyes met.

On impulse, Kat leaned down and kissed his lips. One of his hands came up to caress her back. The heat from his mouth sent lust spiraling throughout her body. She climbed on top of him and ground her mound into his cock. His erec-tion sprang to life, and she rubbed her body up and down his length while they continued to kiss.

Evan framed her face in his hands and pressed soft kisses to her nose and cheeks. Never having felt so cherished be-fore, Kat sighed and sank down beside him, snuggling into his side. Both trying to catch their breath, they stared up at the stars through a canopy of leaves. The odd cloud floated

by, obscuring the moonlight from time to time.

“This is romantic,” Kat purred.

Evan turned his head to press a kiss to the side of her head. “Finally—something went right this evening.”

“Mm-hmmm…” She massaged circles onto his chest. The muscles she detected through his shirt demanded a closer look. “Why don’t we—”

The slap Evan delivered to the side of his cheek cut off her question. A high-pitched buzzing noise filled her ears. A pinprick of pain on her leg had her delivering a blow of her own. More buzzing and slapping of flesh ensued.

“Not really the kind of slapping I had in mind.” She jumped up, waving her hands around.

Evan stood, quickly snatching up the remnants of their food with the blanket. “Are you into that kind of thing?”

The flashlight tipped over, momentarily blinding Kat. “Ow,” she complained. “And yes—a good slap on the rear on occasion is acceptable.”

Evan tugged a strand of her hair.


“Ass spanking on occasion, but no hair pulling,” he said. “Gotcha.”

Kat batted away another mosquito. “I didn’t say I didn’t like it. I didn’t even think we were there yet.” She slapped her forearm as another little bloodsucker attempted to make a meal out of her. “Can we just get out of here?” She bent over and retrieved the flashlight, then pointed it in the direc-tion she thought they’d come.

“Duly noted, and yes.”

They scurried back out of the trees and followed the fence back into the barnyard. Just as they reached the yard, a booming sound caused them both to shout.

Kat jumped into Evan’s arms and clung to him. “What the hell was that?” she shrieked


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Award-winning author Kellie Kamryn is a retired elite gymnast and competitive coach. These days she is captain of her crew of four wearing many a hat: chauffeur, cook, maid, and arm chair psychologist, although her favorite title, and the one she answers to most, is “Mom”. As a martial artist, she trains in the internal martial arts of Xingyi and Baguazhang, and teaches self defence classes for women and children alongside her teaching partner.

While she’s often described as sweet, her friends and readers know she’s got a sassy side, and most days she can be found channeling her sass into writing stories and poetry that sweep readers away into other worlds. When her writing muse demands a break, she channels her creative energy into bringing many a tale to life through her work as a narrator, and as online columnist for The Aquarian Online.

Readers are welcome to join her on Facebook in her Sweet & Sassy Divas and Dudes group! It’s the first place she mentions contests, articles and much, much more! To discover more about the worlds she creates, visit her website at: www.kelliekamryn.com


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