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Guest Veronica Lynch interviews her heroine! @wildwomenauthors #MFRWAuthor #sale


. . . Meghan Muldoon is at a cross-roads in her life: struggling to balance the demands of a high stress vocation as an advocate for victims of violence with her feelings for Keenan Rossi, a man who wants to make their relationship permanent. 

          . . . On Valentine’s Day, a series of routine crises force Meg to question staying in a profession which fulfills her both professionally and spiritually—or devoting the rest of her life to the one person who completes her.

          . . . Which one is For Keeps?

          From now through February 14, 2017, the  Wild Rose Press is offering all their Valentine themed stories at drastically reduced prices. This offer includes the Candy Hearts series, released one year ago, which remains timeless for romance as well as laughs.

In honor of this, Meg Muldoon from For Keeps, part of Candy Hearts, asked to  tell her side of the story, because Keenan Rossi is the one who usually hogs all the glory.

Tell us a bit about For Keeps.  Valentines Day starts out as usual for me, but then a set of routine set of events lead me to make a decision about keeping my job or Keenan Rossi in my life.

What did you think the first time you saw Keenan Rossi? It was several years ago when, as the newly appointed Director of Crime Victim Services, I was invited to sit in on the monthly crime stats meeting. I noticed this well-built man with wide shoulders and a broad chest staring at me as if he’d never seen a woman in a skirt before. He had a huge coffee stain on his shirt–which he tried valiantly to cover up but failed dismally. Much later I learned he spilled the coffee because he was too busy scoping out my legs and failed to pay attention to the spigot on the coffee urn.

What was your second thought? That he had great hands. Big, rough, a working man’s hands. They intrigued me.

What do you like most about him? Keenan is driven by a golden conscience. He calls his parents often, even when he’d rather be doing something else.

Why do you think that is? As a boy, every Sunday morning, right after Mass, he watched his father pick up the phone and call his mother to check in on her. Kee says they often spoke for more than an hour. His father let her ramble on, even if she was repeating herself. Keenan picked that habit up and I love him all the more for it.

How would you describe him? Big, bold, eye-catching. Nice eyes. A heart of gold beneath a veneer of bluster. He has a great chest, too. The kind a woman can curl up against.

How would he describe you? Stubborn, driven, obstinate.

What made you choose victim advocacy for a career? I went through college on the ROTC program, then spent a number of years in the US Air Force after graduation, mostly with the OSI, Office of Special Investigations. It was there that I was exposed to crimes against women and children. After mustering out, I used the GI Bill to pay for law school. Working with victims of crime seemed like a natural consequence of my education. I’ve never regretted the choices I made.

Who is your favorite fictional character? Brenda Lee Johnson from TV’s The Closer and Ouiza Boudreau from Steel Magnolias. They are strong women who often don’t know their own limits, which doesn’t stop them from forging along.

What book is on your nightstand right now? Bellevue: Three Centuries of Medicine and Mayhem at America’s Most Storied Hospital. It is written by David Oshinsky who won a Pulitzer for his earlier book on Polio. I asked Kee to get me this for Christmas. He winced, shook his head, he did it. I gave him a new band saw. Don’t ask.

Last question, when you want to romance Keenan, what do you do? I make a big pot of tapioca pudding–from scratch. It is a royal pain but it’s his favorite so if he’s had a particularly difficult case, I like to spoil him with it. I often dress it up with fresh berries and real whipped cream. The man turns to putty. Then I turn on “Heavenly”, my favorite Johnny Mathis CD, and let nature take its course.

To purchase For Keeps, and all other Candy Hearts stories, on sale, go to Wild Rose Press .Then click on All Specials.

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6 Responses to “Guest Veronica Lynch interviews her heroine! @wildwomenauthors #MFRWAuthor #sale”

  1. Welcome to our pages today – looks like a fun story!

    • Adriana Kraft
    • Reply
    • thank you so much for allowing me to blow my horn, Adriana.
      You have a fascinating website and offer a variety to your readers.
      Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours
      Veronica Lynch

  2. Hey there Veronica!
    Loved your candy hearts romance For Keeps! Character Inteview was entertaining! Good Luck!

    • Aw, Tena. Thanks for stopping by. Your Candy Hearts was a beauty too! Loved it along with all the others That was a fun, diverse series to write for. I have only good thoughts about it.

  3. Great interview. I loved For Keeps. Hope you have great sales.

    • Katherine
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  4. Great interview as always. Loved all the stories in this remarkable series. I especially enjoyed Meg and Keenan’s story. Wishing you and all the other authors much continued success with this all future ones.


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