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You were breached… #wewriwa #Sunday8 #MFRWAuthor


Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors, where writers share an 8 to 10 sentence snippet of their writing on Sunday.  Be sure to visit other participants at http://www.wewriwa.com/  and read and comment on their #8sunday posts.

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Enjoy our next snippet from The Heist:


“It must’ve been quite a shock discovering the museum’s security was breached,” Ted said.

Kara scowled at him as she popped the trunk of her sporty car open and watched him plop his stuff in. “I guess that’s technical jargon for breaking and entering.”

He slid into the passenger seat and admired how Kara’s dress worked halfway up her thigh. She must’ve seen him staring, because she yanked it down without commenting. He waited until she’d paid the parking fee and they were away from the airport before adding, “Didn’t sound like the police were treating what happened yesterday as breaking and entering.”

Never taking her focus off the road, Kara shook her head and gripped the steering wheel as if it was in danger of falling off.

He smiled – was it only the break-in that had her uptight? “We can call it a break-in, if you like, but you were breached—that’s what led to someone strolling uninvited through your entrance.”


TheHeist_MEDThe Heist
B&B Publishing
ASIN: B00LNE7366
Romantic Suspense
81,000 words
Heat rating: Three Flames
(Warnings: explicit sex, m/f; light bdsm; sex toys)


A Heist? A Murder?
It’s villain’s choice.

A special-order art theft? Tedious, but seamless – until small town museum director Kara Daniels calls in the experts. Furious her favorite trio of priceless impressionist paintings has been stolen from its traveling exhibit on her watch, Kara is determined to save not only the paintings, but her future in the art world. She’ll stop at nothing to entrap the thief.

Ted Springs knows the underbelly of the criminal world a little closer than he might like—but he’s turned it to good advantage, first as a police officer, and now as detective for the Upper Midwest Arts Council. His job? To guarantee the security of the valuable paintings in the Council’s traveling exhibits.

Heat sizzles when Ted and Kara collide—can they work together, before it’s too late?


Five stars at Goodreads: “The sex is hot and I loved the phone sex scenes. Never did I expect the ending. It was brilliant. The Heist is a winner!” Sheila G.

Five stars at Amazon: “Very hot…engaging, entertaining, funny and serious, well written and extremely enjoyable to read.” Donna H. “A true ‘romance novel’! Adriana Kraft at her best.” Mama


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8 Responses to “You were breached… #wewriwa #Sunday8 #MFRWAuthor”

  1. I like the interplay between these two. Well done!

  2. And the plot thickens!

  3. Just a little innuendo there at the end, or do I have a dirty mind?

  4. Sounds like he’s a lot more confident than the situation warrants. Good snippet, Adriana.

  5. Speaking of being breached . . . I wonder if she doesn’t wish she were wearing them. Breaches, I mean.

    BTW, my link didn’t make it to the list (though Teresa is retroactively adding it). My post is here.

  6. Like their banter…looks like a really good story!

    • Nancy Levine
    • Reply
  7. It sounds like Ted and Kara want to solve the same mystery without helping each other. Great conflict there!

  8. The byplay between them is clever. And he’s very aware of her. Nice. Good snippet.

    • Diane Burton
    • Reply

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