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Traci didn’t twitch a muscle… #WeWriWa #Free #KU #MFRWAuthor


Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors, where writers share an 8 to 10 sentence snippet of their writing on Sunday.  Be sure to visit other participants at http://www.wewriwa.com/  and read and comment on their #8sunday posts.

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Welcome to the world of horse racing! For the next few weeks we’ll be featuring excerpts from Detour Ahead, Book Four in our Rider’s Up Series. Each book can be read as a stand-alone, and all four books are always available FREE at KU.

Danger, suspense, stunning race horses,
courageous heroines, and the
complicated men who love them!

…the rest of Traci’s encounter with the range bull, from Detour Ahead:


The great beast came to a halt directly in front of her car and turned its head to stare at her. His eyes were enormous. Traci couldn’t think. She couldn’t react. She just sat numbly and gaped. Shaking his gigantic head, the bull ambled on across the road, and the cows followed.

Traci didn’t twitch a muscle for a full minute after the road was clear. Breathing shallowly, she shook her head at her white knuckles still gripping the steering wheel as if it was the last anchor to reality. Flexing her fingers, wetting her lips, she eased the car forward, cussing Cassie Travers more heatedly as she cautiously rounded each serpentine curve.

Why had she allowed her best friend to send her on this wild goose chase?


Always FREE to read at Kindle Unlimited
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Hot-shot Chicago prosecuting attorney Traci Steele works tirelessly keeping rapists off the street to prevent other women from suffering the hell she’s endured, so she resists her friends’ insistence that she take a two month R&R in their California Live Oak condo—until they persuade her to help their rancher friend as a private investigator.

Though he runs the stables at Live Oak, well-muscled mustached wrangler Scott McCord much prefers working with the race horses he trains at his ranch, and he can’t believe his old friends have sent a greenhorn female to help him with horse troubles.

The improbable dance between this mismatched pair barely fits in around the escalating suspense of whoever’s after Scott’s horses. Traci is as tenacious in her sleuthing as she is terrified about her inability to ever love a man. Can Scott succeed in gentling her – like he does his horses – before she flees in panic?


Night Owl Reviews Top Pick This is a story about letting go of your past so you can move on to your future…Add into this touching story of recovery a mystery that will keep you guessing to the very end, and you’ve got a story you won’t be able to put down. Angi

You Gotta Read Reviews Rich in romance and suspense, this book had me mesmerized from the first page…a sensational job of combining just the right amount of suspense with a sauciness that leaves you longing for more. Val

Amazon Riveting mystery and love story in one great book Donna H. A Great story that shows that love can heal anything!” Amy B.

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5 Responses to “Traci didn’t twitch a muscle… #WeWriWa #Free #KU #MFRWAuthor”

  1. I think you have a typo in that last sentence. Clearly it isn’t a “wild goose chase.” It’s a “wild BULL chase.” Make sure you change that. 😉

  2. Why indeed! Also my blog link isn’t working, so here’s my post! http://amybraunauthor.com/sunday-snippet-i-got-the-charm-and-you-got-the-glower/

  3. You brought me right into the scene. Fine snippet

  4. I’m so relieved that she is okay and the bull didn’t charge at her! I remember I was holding my breath last week, lol.

  5. Wow, that’s a bit nerve wracking.


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