Sunday Six ~ Jen swings both ways!


We’re continuing our Sunday Six journey through the Swinging Games series! Here’s an early interaction between Jen and Sarah in Book 7, Dare to Adventure:

“Do you want me to kiss you?” Jen asked.

Sarah nodded. “Please.”

Jen placed her hands on either side of Sarah’s head and slanted her mouth across Sarah’s. Sarah lips parted easily and Jen dipped the tip of her tongue into Sarah’s mouth. Sarah didn’t hesitate, instead drawing Jen in deeper. And then their tongues parried each other playfully and then sensually. 

You can find out more about the Swinging Games series HERE and read all about Dare to Adventure HERE. Click on the book covers for buy links! Click on the Six Sentence logo above for links to all the other great Sunday posts.

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  1. hot 6 *FansSelf*

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  3. Hot six!

  4. Thanks, all – we’ll provide fans next time!

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