Sunday Six ~ a First Time


Today’s Sunday Six is from our upcoming Extasy Books release ~ Book Seven in the Swinging Games series: Dare to Adventure

Looking serene and confident, Sarah stood, not bothering to retie her robe, which had separated. She held out her hand to Jen. “Come. I want—I need you to show me how it feels to be loved by a woman.”

Unhurried, Jen rose to her feet and let her robe slip off her shoulders and to the floor.

Hesitantly, Sarah reached out to trace Jen’s jaw line.

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15 Responses to “Sunday Six ~ a First Time”

  1. I liked the comparison of Sarah being confident and then hesitate. A very real feel to your six. Thank you.

  2. Great six!

    • Luxie Ryder
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  3. Sounds like an adventure is in store!

  4. Whew! Sexy six!

  5. Oh my. Nice Six.

  6. You portray Sarah’s hesitancy and yet anticipation so well in the 6 sentences.

  7. Love the six

  8. Oh my…. looks like the start of a beautiful friendship!

  9. Woot! It’s getting hot in here!

  10. Can’t wait for the release!


  11. Well, now. Love the direct approach!

  12. Hot, loved it!

  13. Very alluring passage. Great stuff.

  14. Very sexy – I love it!

  15. Thanks so much, everyone! Galleys are all proofed, just waiting for a cover, release is one week from today, August 1st!

    • adrianakraft
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