Smoldering Sunday Six!


Today’s Sunday Six comes from Smoldering Passion ~ prequel to Ripening Passion, both available at Whiskey Creek Press Torrid:

“I’ve yearned for this for some time,” Melissa said softly, unsnapping the buttons down the front of Inez’s dress.

“I know. I’ve seen the hunger in your eyes for me even when Brad was eating your pussy.”

Melissa snickered and pushed the dress off of Inez’s shoulders. It fell to the floor, revealing light olive skin. “I was imagining it was your tongue.”

You can purchase Smoldering Passion at Whiskey Creek or Amazon 


14 Responses to “Smoldering Sunday Six!”

  1. Ach, who needs Brad? Sexy six!

    • Ah, you predict all too well!

      • adrianakraft
      • Reply
  2. very sexy, Would love to read more of that!!!

  3. Another sizzling sexy six!! you spoil us! Thank you.

  4. Oh man Adriana- I want to see the look in her eyes too- HOT 6

  5. Sexy six! 😉

  6. Gulp…that was amazing. Very tasty treat to go with my coffee. 😉

  7. Sizzling here!

  8. It’s getting hot in here! 😉 Wonderfully hot six. Great work.

  9. Very hot

  10. Definitely SMOLDERING! HOT Six!

  11. Very sexy six!

  12. And exit Brad…

    Great six!

  13. Very hot six!


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