Six Sentence Sunday


This week’s Sunday Six is from a project close to my heart – To Love and To Cherish, a charity anthology published by LoveYouDivine on Valentine’s Day 2010, all profits donated to Marriage Equality USA . Our lesbian love story is titled “Embracing the Fire.”



The deep chill of a Vermont winter will require lots of firewood, so canoe and wilderness guide Brandy Latham welcomes the help of her best friend, Stephanie Watkins. Newly settled in the lakeside house where she spent so many summers with her grandparents, Brandy’s ready to think about warmth of a different kind, and she knows just who she wants to share it with.


Fresh from her divorce, Stephanie is finally clear what she wants, and it’s Brandy. Has she been reading the signals right? Together the two friends saw, split and stack as they’ve done for many years. Can they dare to claim the fire that now ignites between them?


Here’s the start of their magic moment – relaxing after their afternoon’s work, sitting side by side on the floor watching the fire, sipping hot chocolate, noticing their marshmallow mustaches…


“I could get a washcloth, I suppose.”

Stephanie didn’t reply nor did she flinch when Brandy darted her tongue out. She couldn’t stifle a moan when Brandy’s tongue slid along her lip, wetting and then lapping at it.

“Better,” Brandy murmured. Her warm breath bounced across Stephanie’s mouth and tickled her nose. “Almost got it.”

Brandy’s eyes sparkled as she slanted her lips across Stephanie’s mouth.


Listen to Lascivious with Lacy read an excerpt!   

Victor Banis at the San Francisco Literary Examiner gave this book a smashing review, and you can read it HERE.


The complete anthology is available in print and e-book:








9 Responses to “Six Sentence Sunday”

  1. Hmmm…the tension is building- it’s nice to have such GOOD friends to help with…the chores

    • Dawne Prochilo
    • Reply
  2. Thanks, Dawne – definitely yummy tension…

    • adrianakraft
    • Reply
  3. Sexy snippet. Much nicer than a washcloth, lol.

    • Thanks Cate – yes, warm tongue definitely beats a washcloth any day!

      • adrianakraft
      • Reply
  4. Mm, great way to start a kiss!

    • Thanks – nothing better than chocolate, marshmallows…and sexual tension!

      • adrianakraft
      • Reply
  5. Great snippet.

    • Thanks, Lindsay!

      • adrianakraft
      • Reply
  6. Washcloths are totally overrated. That’s what mouths are for. 😛

    ~ Renee


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