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Sexy from another Dimension #MySexySaturday #MSS170 #MFRWAuthor


Welcome to the 170th week of My Sexy Saturday!


This week’s theme is “Sexy in Space.” Confession – we’re cheating, just a little. We don’t write sci-fi, but we do dabble in paranormal on occasion, and one of our favorite characters is the Love Goddess “Aria,” star of both Colors of the Night and its sequel, Aria Returns.

A love triangle with a dazzling immortal goddess –
will it ignite or extinguish the dying embers
of a contemporary couple’s love?


Set Up:  Ryan and Jamie have gone camping in the Minnesota North Woods to try to re-kindle their failing marriage. They are unprepared for the scene that greets them as the fabled Northern Lights beckon them out of their tent to watch. Here is Aria’s arrival:


Jamie heard the tent zipper open and felt the rush of cool night air all in the same instant. Where was Ryan going in the middle of the night? Startled, she lifted her head and opened her eyes. A tiny sliver of night sky was visible through the open tent flap—and it was pulsating with light.

“Jamie. Wake up. You’ve got to see this.” Ryan’s voice was a whisper. Did he really want her to join him? She hugged herself against the chill, grabbed her sweatshirt and crawled out of the tent.

Ryan’s hands were reaching for her, so she took them and let him pull her to a stand. Tall columns of color—multiple hues of greens, blues, reds, yellows, and occasional whites—fell in a shimmering waterfall connecting sky and lake. The colors danced across the entire dome of the sky. She’d never seen anything like it.

They stood hand in hand for a long minute, then wordlessly walked down to the lake shore and sat side by side on a low rock. Shrouded in rising mist, the lake seemed to be hovering between earth and sky with no boundary. Jamie lost herself in the throbbing rhythms of the dancing light.

“This is what I’ve been missing,” she heard herself say. “It feels like magic, like time is suspended. I wish we could catch and hold this moment forever.”

“I know,” Ryan replied. “It’s been difficult remembering such moments. I sometimes wonder what else we’ve forgotten.”

You have each forgotten how to love.”

Jamie gasped and squeezed Ryan’s hand. “Who said that?”

Ryan shook his head.

I said that.”  Jamie watched in awe as the mist swirled and collected itself into the shape of a stunning female. The image pirouetted as if to prove she was much more than a vision. Jamie tried not to stare. The woman’s copper skin was barely concealed in a gauzy white gown; Jamie could make out darkened nipples on her pendulous breasts as the image floated closer to them.

“Who are you?” Ryan jumped to his feet.

“My name is Aria. I am a goddess of love, and I have come to show you how to love.”



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4 Responses to “Sexy from another Dimension #MySexySaturday #MSS170 #MFRWAuthor”

  1. I live in northern Alberta, and the aurora is a truly breathtaking display. Get snippet.

  2. Then you know what it feels like when the entire dome of the sky lights up! That happened occasionally when we lived in Minnesota just south of the Canadian border, a special treat.

    • Adriana Kraft
    • Reply
  3. Great excerpt. Tweeted.

    • Daryl Devore
    • Reply
  4. Beautiful!

    • Liv Rancourt
    • Reply

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