My Sexy Saturday ~ Summer’s End #MSSWeek9


Getting ready for a house party…


Jen checked the bedroom clock. “Our guests should start arriving in an hour.” She smoothed out the tops of her black thigh-highs and peeked at her husband slipping on a black shirt. “Don’t know why we spend so much time deciding what to wear when most of it’s going to come off anyway.”

She reached for a black mini with a zipper on the side, stepped into it and with some effort pulled it up over her butt.

“I know what you mean – you look hot.” Brett grinned at her reflection in the mirror.  “At least you’ve learned not to bother with thongs or panties.”



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You gotta play the game to the fullest.
You never know when it will end.

The best summer ever has to end sometime. Jen and Brett Andrews have reveled in their erotic threesome with summer housemate Sarah Creston—but it’s August, and she’ll have to leave.

How do they react? For starters, they branch out to a new sizzling encounter with a Latino couple who’ve been flirting with them on the lifestyle website. Adding is so much better than subtraction.

Sarah wastes no time, either. Worried about Ryan after his heart attack, she arranges a private threesome with him and Donna to ease him back into the play scene, then makes her own moves to line up possible future playmates.

As a finale, Jen and Brett stage a house party to die for.


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