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Get Hooked ~ Luci’s diary is turning up the heat! #MFRWHooks


Welcome to Book Hooks, a Wednesday offering by members of Marketing For Romance Writers to share a little taste of our work and entice you into wanting more! Click on the graphic at the end to travel to other Book Hook posts, and enjoy!

TheDiaryCover 400The Diary


I do love his cock. It is so sensitive. It weaves about whenever my fingers or lips approach. I love to take him in my mouth. He must be halfway down my throat by the time I fit all of him in.   The first time I went down on him, G.C. was quite angry because I dropped him from my mouth when he started to come. Since then, I’ve learned to swallow his come.

Actually, I’ve become quite greedy. I doubt I could ever get too much of that. Some days I think I like blowing G.C. better than anything else we do. Of course, he wouldn’t be satisfied with only that. He claims that variety really is the spice of life, particularly when it comes to sex.


“I just bet he does,” Kate muttered. It might have been her sister’s plan to trap the professor in her web, but it sure looked like it didn’t take long for the good professor to gain control of the relationship.

Kate peeled back several more pages. She could always go back and read the diary from cover to cover, but she had a bad niggling feeling. She feared for her sister. Would the professor hurt her, or would he dump her onto his trash heap of used co-eds?

Kate was developing a healthy distrust and dislike for G.C.




Joyfully Reviewed: Recommended Read “The Diary was a fan-frickin’-tastic read! I didn’t want to put it down to do anything else, and when I did, I was just chomping at the bit to pick it back up again. The growth and development of Grayson and Kate was well-written and very realistic. And the sex scenes? Oh, man, talk about hot!”~ Tera

CoffeeTime Romance: Ms. Kraft takes you to a world where anything and everything can and will happen. Be open minded and dive into this erotically charged, passionate story. All your preconceived notions will disappear into thin air. The intimacy is genuine and breathtaking.” ~ Krista

Romance Junkies: Four Blue Ribbons “THE DIARY is positively a work of art; sweet, funny, sexy and irresistible. Readers won’t be able to put this story down” ~ Amanda


Lust, revenge, dark sexual escapades and the mysterious disappearance of her younger half sister, Luci, will take art curator Kate Noble on a whirlwind transcontinental journey. The diary Luci’s left behind paints vivid images of shameless erotic exploits with a rake named only as G.C.

Can Kate learn enough under the delightful hands of her bisexual best friend, Gina, to ensnare the sensual and elusive Professor Grayson Cosgrove into a marriage proposal of her making? Can she find Luci before it’s too late? If only she could read between the lines.

The Diary ~ never have the secrets of another been so electrifying!

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  1. I enjoyed your Book Hook Wednesday post, and getting to travel around a bit with my fellow MFRW authors!

    Barb Caffrey, author

  2. Whew!

  3. Hi Adriana! I’m enjoying my first Book Hooks and the opportunity to learn about fellow MFRW authors.


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