A Sunday Six Pirate


For today’s Sunday Six – a snippet from the Pirate Scene in our free read, Cherry Tune-Up, at Literotica.com.


“And what about you, lass—” Jack’s gaze probed Bobbi Jo’s soul— “are you prepared to pay for your voyage?”

“Yes,” she managed to mumble.

“Is it true that no man has ever claimed you?”


“And you’re willing to divest yourself of your treasure for me? For your passage?”

“It is but a small price to pay,” she said meekly.


You can find the Pirate Scene in Chapter SEVEN or a link to all the chapters HERE – enjoy!

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24 Responses to “A Sunday Six Pirate”

  1. Oh this will make Jack’s day I’m suspecting. Fingers crossed he appreciates her treasure. Great six! Thank you.

    • Even more, it’s gonna make Bobbi Jo’s day – she’s been waiting a long time!

      • adrianakraft
      • Reply
  2. OOOH! ‘her treasure’ A very good six! you have me hooked.

  3. Thanks, Kerrianne – it just dawned on me, in any other context, “her treasure” might qualify for purple prose! Hopefully, pirates can get away with talking like that…

    • adrianakraft
    • Reply
  4. Oh some pirate fun! Sounds like a good story!

    • Heather Thurmeier
    • Reply
  5. Arrrr! Love pirate stories!

  6. I bet the divesting turns out to be really fun!

  7. Eek! Don’t do it!

  8. Thanks, all – definitely some pirate fun! I can’t decide whether I’d rather imagine Jack as Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom. Maybe I should just go for both!

    And Dee, not to worry – Jack’s role playing a pirate for reasons of his own, and he’s offering exactly what Bobbi Jo’s been waiting for, I promise she’ll be safe. Eventually!

    • adrianakraft
    • Reply
  9. Such a sacrifice. Hope the “voyage” is worth the price.

  10. Oooo Very interesting six! Will have to go and check out the free read…


  11. Very nice. Love it.

  12. Love the description.

  13. Damn- I love these books- very much erotic and love how they unfold- great 6

  14. Hidden treasures are meant to be plundered. Very nice!!

  15. I wonder if that price will really be that small. Great six!

  16. You have me wondering why she wants to give up her treasure. Is it for him or something she needs from him to survive.

    • I love that I’ve got you wondering – and it’s a hard question, which of them needs it more…

      • adrianakraft
      • Reply
  17. Wow! What a sacrifice… nice six.

  18. Hmmmm…Wonder why she’s willing to pay such a high price for passage? What is she running from? Great Six!

  19. Obviously she’s desperate for a ride! lol!

  20. hmmm sign me up for that trip!
    nicely done

  21. With lines like that, I don’t think it’s her ‘soul’ that he’s probing with his eyes…

  22. Hope he’s gentle with her! Great six!


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