All Things Being Equal…


What a week! As a proud Iowan, I’d like to point out that now you can get T-Shirts that say “New York: Finally as gay as Iowa!” (Check out RayGun). Twitter was abuzz all week long (well, at least the peeps I follow) with updates on the voting in the New York Senate. I’ll confess I didn’t really expect victory this time around, even though I’d heard it could happen. I’m thrilled to be proven wrong.

Our son, who lives in New York, was headed for bed when he saw the news on FaceBook. He rushed to the nearest subway station and was on the street outside the Stonewall Inn within half an hour of the news, a celebration beyond words. And what a perfect prelude for the NY Pride parade a mere two days later, Sunday the 26th – in fact, a stunning way to celebrate the entire month of June as Pride Month.

Last night I heard one of our local speakers remind us that the battle isn’t over until the other side quits fighting. Here in Iowa, there is constant pressure on legislators to amend the state constitution as a means of reversing the Iowa Supreme Court’s decision affirming marriage equality. And even if the day comes when all fifty states recognize marriage equality, the vast number of federal rights that come with being married will still be unavailable to same sex couples unless there is recognition at that level.

Both halves of Adriana will keep working for that day. Meanwhile, we’ll keep on writing our LGBT characters and giving them the happy endings that anyone in love deserves.


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  1. I’ve been Tweeting this subject to death. I join Cyndi Lauper’s “Give A Damn” when the site first opened as I have never understood why this should have ever been an issue. It’s 2011, and the United States should have bee the one to step up and done it right eons ago.
    It is now time for the rest of the nation to get it done more excuses, and let our brothers and sister get on and live their life the way it should have always been..*S*
    Kudos to New York for doing the right thing! 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by Pomma – couldn’t agree more. It’s way past time – and there’s much work to be done.

      • adrianakraft
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