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My Sexy Saturday – Menage Bundle! #MFRWauthor

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday, where authors share seven words, sentences, or paragraphs from their work to entertain you and entice you into wanting more!

This week’s theme is “Sexy Rising.” We’re excited to have the first five books of our Swinging Games series available in a new bundle at Extasy Books – here are seven sentences from our swinging couple, Brett and Jen, as they anticipate their first swinging date in Book One ~ Anticipation:

To spice up their relationship, Brett and Jennifer have just entered the swinging world – will their next encounter live up to their fantasies?

 We’ll just eavesdrop on their latest email from the other couple…

Rick and I know a hotel between you and Indianapolis that we can vouch for. Nice suites with Jacuzzis and king-sized beds. If that works for you, it certainly works for us. Let us know and we’ll make the reservations just in case. If dinner is a bust, we can cancel and leave without incurring hotel charges, though we highly doubt any of us will be going anywhere after dinner other than directly to the suite for some adult games!

I’m smacking my lips as I write thinking of Jen, and hubby is hovering over me, breathing pretty hard. Don’t have any doubts about what’s on his mind!

Sexy is definitely on the rise for this adventurous couple!


Swinging Games Books One through Five are now available at eXtasy Books as a bundle, saving you more than half the cost of purchasing each book individually!

A fun quick read full of sexual fantasies, lust and passion…a unique love story with a twist. Sandie, Fallen Angel Reviews


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“Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living.”
~ Mother Jones

(via Jason Welle, SJ) #Orlando

Orlando Rainbow

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Congratulations, Caitlyn

Hubs and I are thrilled with Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair coverage and the warm reception she’s received for coming out. We’re happy and excited for her, and we hope this helps transgendered persons everywhere find self-acceptance, experience social acceptance, and ultimately reach total equality on all fronts.

Her lovely appearance and genuine smiles sent my thoughts to transgendered persons we’ve known personally – persons without her resources, persons who don’t look “beautiful” in the traditional sense, persons whose bodies make it more difficult for the casual observer to recognize their gender.

So I was especially grateful to find yesterday’s Tumblr post by Laverne Cox, who appeared on the cover of Time Magazine’s issue “The Transgender Tipping Point” a year ago. She congratulated Caitlyn, of course – but then she pointed out many trans persons either can’t or don’t wish to conform to “cisnormative beauty standards,” about which she said the following: “For me it is necessary everyday to celebrate every aspect of myself, especially those things about myself that don’t align with other people’s ideas about what is beautiful.”

That’s what we wish, for everyone.

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