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Complexities (Swinging Games: Book Four)

ComplexitiesSeries: Swinging Games, Book Four

Extasy Books: EBook

November, 2009     ISBN: 978-1-55487-429-3

Novella, 12,000 words

Cover by Martine Jardin


What if the neighbors find out – and what if they want to join in? Delectable complexities unfold as Jen and Brett continue their swinging adventures!

Heat Rating  Explicit sex: M/F, F/F; Ménage, M/F/F; multiple partners





Romance Junkies: Four Blue Ribbons COMPLEXITIES is a fast paced complicated tale and readers are sure to enjoy it.  Word of warning this story is hotter than hot and Jen and Brett are a no holds barred couple.  Passionate encounters are smoking to say the least and Jen and Brett are both complex characters that the reader will enjoy finding out about.  Adriana Kraft has done an excellent job of creating a story about a couple in an alternate marriage and is sure to gain more readers with this tale. ~ Angel Brewer


Naughty Little Vamp interviews the Swinging Games heroine, Jen Andrews!


What happens when the neighbors find out? Jen and Brett Andrews’ swinging world turns upside down when it comes too close to home – will their friends keep their secret? Will they have to stop swinging, or worse yet, move? What if the friends want to join in? Delectable complexities unfold as Jen and Brett continue their swinging adventures!



“Most every time I try to fall asleep I think of you with another woman.” Donna slanted a finger across Jen’s lips. “Please, I have to tell you. I admit I’m so jealous. I’ve dreamed about us together before. I hadn’t had that dream for years until recently. Then I’d wake up feeling so guilty I didn’t know if I could face you. Now I wake up soaking wet, certain we’ve been making love for hours and that you left before I could awaken fully.”


Donna’s finger slipped into Jen’s open mouth.

Was it reflex, instinct or lust? With her eyelids closed, Jen didn’t spend much time trying to explain why she was suddenly sucking Donna’s finger deeper into her mouth.

“That feels so good,” Donna cooed.

Jen heard Donna scooting closer. She kept her eyes closed hoping not to frighten or encourage her friend. She felt Donna’s warm breath on her cheek. And then her best friend’s lips brushed against the corner of Jen’s mouth.

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