Epicurean Delites

epicureandelites_200Epicurean Delites   

Series: Swinging Games: Book Thirteen

Erotic Romance Novella, 12,300 words

January, 2015, Extasy Books

ISBN 978-1-4874-0173-3

Cover Artist: Carmen Waters


Taste the decadence of an all-inclusive clothing-optional

swing-lifestyle resort on the Mexican Riviera? Bring it on!


Five Flames: Explicit sex, M/F, M/M, F/F; ménage; multiple partners; Anal sex, DP; toys; light bondage


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Five Stars: Whew, what a fun and hot story! What a place to visit and all the meetings and coupling scenes were of course panty-wetting hot! Well written and an incredibly erotic story! Loved it! Tracey P, Amazon


Palm trees swaying in the breeze, curtained beds beside the swimming pool, a floating bar—Jen and Brett can hardly believe the decadence they get to share for a week with Carl, Alice, and Sarah at the swing lifestyle resort, Epicurean Delites. Sometimes life is too short.


Brett grinned broadly as the tall blonde and her husband walked toward the dance floor and took up a position next to where he and Jen were dancing to hip hop music. In no time the four of them had formed a little circle and were punching their arms in the air in time with the music while their feet moved in sync. A smirk crossed the blonde’s lips as she studied Jen closely.

“Aren’t you violating some rule, missy, dancing with a teacher?”

Jen shrugged. “Maybe. Are you objecting?”

“Not at all.” The blonde cradled the paddle hanging by a loop from her wrist. “Just wondering if you’re asking to be punished for your misbehavior.”

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