A Gift for Adam

A Tempting Taste (Swinging Games: Book Three

A Woman for Zachary (Meghan’s Playhouse: Book Two)

Anticipation (Swinging Games: Book One)

April Swings (Meghan’s Playhouse: Book Three)

Colors of the Night

Complexities (Swinging Games: Book Four)

Dare to Adventure (Swinging Games: Book Seven)

Full Circle

Hookups (Swinging Games: Book Two)

Meg’s Folly (Meghan’s Playhouse: Book Five)

Mistress of Purgatory Point

Pushing the Limits (Swinging Games: Book Eight)

Return to Purgatory Point

Ripening Passion (Passion Series: Book Two)

Santa’s Boss

Smoldering Passion (Passion Series: Book One)

Seducing Cat (Meghan’s Playhouse: Book One)

Sheila’s Prenups

The Adventure Continues (Swinging Games: Book Five)

The Diary

The Lady Wants More

The Merry Widow

Through the Mirror

Vegas Gambler (Meghan’s Playhouse: Book Four)

Who’s the Coach? (Swinging Games: Book Six)

Writing Skin

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