Two Things


Thing One – Charlie Glickman, one of my fave bloggers, posted today on feeling delight. No huge new insights – just a thoughtful reflection on how easily we take delight in things around us when we’re little, how quickly most of us are socialized away from it, and how freeing and restorative it can be to return to our natural instinct for what’s delightful.

Thing Two – I’d just finished reading that when hubs came into the living room and said “Fireflies.” This evening is their first appearance this year, so we went outside and sat on the back deck for fifteen minutes watching them flicker and gradually rise.

Delightful. Thank you, Charlie.


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  1. I love fireflies! I miss them. We don’t have them where I live in Fl, but I grew up with them around when I lived in PA. 🙂

    • Tina B
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    • Hi TIna – I grew up with them, too, in northern Virginia, then lived many years in the west where we didn’t have them. I’m glad to be back among them!

      • Adriana Kraft
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