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For today’s Sunday Six – a snippet from the Pirate Scene in our free read, Cherry Tune-Up, at


“And what about you, lass—” Jack’s gaze probed Bobbi Jo’s soul— “are you prepared to pay for your voyage?”

“Yes,” she managed to mumble.

“Is it true that no man has ever claimed you?”


“And you’re willing to divest yourself of your treasure for me? For your passage?”

“It is but a small price to pay,” she said meekly.


You can find the Pirate Scene in Chapter SEVEN or a link to all the chapters HERE – enjoy!

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Sunday Six ~ Cherry Tune-Up

Here are the first six sentences of our erotic free read Cherry Tune-Up: 

Bobbi Jo Martin hung back in the shadows under the Highway Thirty-Seven Racetrack stands. Acrid smoke, fumes and dust from a long night of racing swirled in the hazy light but couldn’t entirely block her view of her childhood best friend. There he was, Jack Day, strutting toward a red pickup with a buxom brunette clinging on each arm. She cringed—they must be the spoils that went to the winner of the feature race.

Deflated, Bobbi Jo shuffled toward her rental car. She’d had no contact with Jack for nearly ten years, but she just knew he’d help her with her current problem.

You can read more about Cherry Tune-Up HERE, and you can read the entire book free at Here’s a LINK to Chapter One, enjoy!


Smoldering Sunday Six!

Today’s Sunday Six comes from Smoldering Passion ~ prequel to Ripening Passion, both available at Whiskey Creek Press Torrid:

“I’ve yearned for this for some time,” Melissa said softly, unsnapping the buttons down the front of Inez’s dress.

“I know. I’ve seen the hunger in your eyes for me even when Brad was eating your pussy.”

Melissa snickered and pushed the dress off of Inez’s shoulders. It fell to the floor, revealing light olive skin. “I was imagining it was your tongue.”

You can purchase Smoldering Passion at Whiskey Creek or Amazon 

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