Okay, truly, it was only about forty eight hours. Hubs and I try to check in on my aging mother in law (a five hour drive away) at least once a month, and this was the weekend. The senior apartments where she lives have no internet access. I can tether my Blackberry and use it as a modem – sometimes. The building’s thick walls interfere with the cell phone signal so everything takes ten times as long (it seems) to load, and pages with lots of bells and whistles stump it completely.

And, in any case, the whole point of our trip is to be with her, so I don’t want to spend excessive time focused on other things. Usually I can just run an occasional quick check of things like Twitter and email on my Blackberry – but this weekend the Browser disappeared and I haven’t figured out how to get it back.

Ooo, did that sound like a whine? Sorry! Guess I’m suffering from withdrawal! Seriously, what happens to you when you have to be off line unexpectedly? Here are some of my symptoms:  I miss hearing what the peeps I follow are up to. I haven’t been able to respond to reader comments at my blog. I need to keep up with all the new Crusade blog posts. I worry that maybe I’ve missed the one tips and advice post that will unlock the key to future promotion. And I know I missed some online events I truly intended to at least drop in on…

So tell me, what are your withdrawal symptoms? What do you miss most when you can’t be on line?


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  1. I’ve reached the point I don’t miss it unless I’m in the middle of edits or FLEs. But then, my cell phone is a pre-paid jobby I only turn on when I leave town. And where my parents live there’s no service for about 50 miles.

    Somehow, except for my home computer I never became part of the tuned-in, turned-on group. Better that way, I guess.

    • Good for you, Anny! I think I probably do okay when I’ve planned to be away and off line – this took me more by surprise. But it’s probably good to be able to unplug for a while, too!

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  2. Our Internet was down for 5 DAYS argh argh argh! Lol. It was frustrating not being able to keep “care” of my blog.
    But I got a ton of writing and reading done, with was fun and freeing. 🙂

    • Five whole days – that’s pretty major! Actually, though, what I did do was some editing – I’m always up early, so I made a good start on the next book in our Swinging Games series.

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  3. when I can’t be online I miss how much time flies by when reading other blogs and such- I miss the humdrum of the computer.

  4. Me too – even when I’m editing or writing I like to keep Twitter and FaceBook running in the background so I can drop in every once in a while and not miss anything.

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